Alabama 2nd Cavalry Regiment

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Second Alabama Cavalry Regiment was organized at Montgomery on 1 May 1862. It proceeded to West Florida and operated there about ten months, engaging in several skirmishes. Ordered to north Mississippi, the regiment was placed with Brig. General Daniel Ruggles. It then lost 8 men in a skirmish at Mud Creek. It was then placed in Brig. General Samuel W. Ferguson's Brigade and operated in the Tennessee Valley, taking part in numerous skirmishes. The 2nd fought Union General Benjamin H. Grierson at Okolona with a loss of about 70 men killed and wounded; then it harassed Union General William T. Sherman on his march to and from Mississippi. Joining General Joseph Wheeler, the 2nd performed arduous duty on the flank of the army in the Dalton-Atlanta Campaign, losing a number of men in the battle on the 22nd of July at Atlanta. Having accompanied General John Bell Hood to Rome, the 2nd then fell on Sherman's rear and skirmished almost daily with some losses. The regiment tracked Sherman to Greensboro, NC, then escorted President Jefferson Davis to Georgia. At Forsyth, in that state, the regiment surrendered its arms, about 450 men.

Cols. Fountain Winston Hunter (Montgomery; relieved); Richard Gordon Earle (Calhoun; KIA, Kingston, GA, 14 May 1864); John N. Carpenter (Greene); Lt. Cols. James Cunningham (Monroe; resigned, 1863); John Porter West (Shelby; resigned, 2 Dec 1862); John N. Carpenter (promoted); Josiah James Pegues (Tuscaloosa; wounded, Nickajack); Majors Mathew Robinson Marks (Montgomery; relieved); John N. Carpenter (promoted); Josiah James Pegues (promoted); Richard W. Carter (Butler); Leroy Napier (temporary); and Adjutant James M. Bullock (Greene).

Aiken - Feb. 11, 1865


The composite rosters of this regiment contains 1942 names

Company A - Calhoun County -- Richard G. Earl; promoted to colonel. Jacob W. Whisenhant; wounded at Kennesaw.
Company B - Shelby County -- John P. West; promoted to lieutenant colonel. Frank King.
Company C - Greene County -- John N. Carpenter; promoted. James A. Anderson; wounded at Nickajack.
Company D - Tuskaloosa County -- J. J. Pegues; promoted. James Eddins.
Company E - Butler County -- R. W. Carter; promoted. Joseph Allen.
Company F - Montgomery County-- Wm. L. Allen; died in the service. Bethel J. Bonham.
Company G - Coosa County -- Wm. P. Ashley; wounded at Decatur, Ga.
Company H - Monroe County-- Jas. H. McCreary; resigned. F. E. Richardson
. Company I - Montgomery and Dallas Counties -- Felix Glackmeyer; resigned. A. N. McIver; resigned. Walter H. Daniel.
Company K - Montgomery County -- Thomas R. Stacey; resigned. A. P. Wilson.


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