Alabama 2nd Infantry Regiment

The Second Alabama Infantry Regiment (the "Magnolia Regiment") was composed of companies raised in Calhoun, Clarke, Franklin, Jackson, Mobile, Monroe, and Pickens counties, which flocked to the seaboard at the first call of the State and which enlisted for one year. They organized at Fort Morgan in April, 1861, and remained in garrison there until March 1862, serving as infantry and manning the heavy artillery. Ordered to Tennessee, the term of service expired at Fort Pillow and the regiment was disbanded. Two or three companies joined other organizations almost intact, but most of the men distributed themselves among new regiments.
The flag of the 2nd Infantry Regiment is in the Alabama Archives.


Col. Hary Maury (Mobile); Lt. Col. Hal C. Bradford (Jackson); Majors Phillander Morgan (Talladega; resigned); Daniel P. Forney (Calhoun); and Adjutant J. B. McClung (Madison).



Company A - Calhoun County - D.P. Forney; promoted. William M. Hames.
Company B - Pickens County - Thomas C. Lanier.
Company C - Franklin County - John Goodwin.
Company D - Jackson County - Alexander M. Saxon
Company E - Monroe County - George W. Foster.
Company F - Clarke County - Stephen B. Cleveland; resigned. A.R. Lanford.
Company G - Mobile County - W.C. Fergus.
Company H - Mobile County - .... Watson.
Company I - Mobile County - Ed. McDonald; resigned. A.H. Jennette.
Company K - Mobile County - .... Taylor; resigned. J.B.V. Lefebvre.



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