Lockett's City Guards

This was a provost guard company organized at the Camp of Instruction at Talladega in the winter of 1862-63. Officers were drill masters assigned to the camp; enlisted men were conscripts mostly gathered from central Alabama counties: Bibb (1), Blount (3), Calhoun (1), Cherokee (3), Dallas (6), DeKalb (5), Fayette (11), Greene (3), Jefferson (23), Perry (1), Pickens (8), Randolph (6), Shelby (5), St. Clair (7), Sumter (1), Talladega (33) and Tuscaloosa (4).

I suspect many of the men that enlisted at Talladega were actually from other counties. The company never had a captain; I don;t know where the three lieutenants were from. They were L. J. Lockett, W. H. King and W. H. Kelly.

This company had to be disbanded after passage of the military law of Feb. 17, 1864. Officers were reassigned, and enlisted men sent to front-line units with the Army of Tennessee. Many of them appear to have become casualties during the Atlanta Campaign.

I didn't mean to say that anyone in Selma had information about this company. The company was stationed there for most of its career. General Pillow made a decision to move the "City Guards" from Talladega to Selma after February 1863, when General Bragg threatened to collect every last man from the camp and put them in his army. Selma was in the Department of the Gulf and therefore out of Bragg's reach. The company remained there for about a year, from March 1863 to February of 1864.

The War Department printed cards that lead people to understand the company name to have been "Alabama City Guards". They only meant that it was an Alabama company, so the right name is "City Guards" or Lockett's City Guards.

Records of this company appear in National Archives records for Alabama, reel 503. Here are my notes on the company:

Probably organized at Talladega, Alabama, during December of 1862, this company served as the provost guard of the military post of Selma, Alabama. Enlistments for this company came from a number of counties spanning the central portion of the state, from Pickens to Randolph County. The largest number (33) come from Talladega County, followed by Jefferson (24), Fayette (11) and Pickens(8). Lesser numbers came from at least thirteen other counties.


Lucius J. Lockett. Appointed 2nd Lieutenant P.A.C.S. October 16, 1862, to rank September 16, 1862; formerly Captain of Company �F�, 20th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Promoted 1st Lieutenant P.A.C.S. November 18, 1862, to rank October 28, 1862, while stationed at Talladega, Alabama. Returned to duty as drillmaster at Talladega during January of 1864. Died of disease at Talladega, Alabama, October 22, 1864.


Could someone give me information on this unit, or tell me where to find information on it ? I have finally found my g-grandfather, Martin Weems (on roster as Marthin M.Weemes or Martin W. Weams) in this unit. Also in the unit are his brothers, James Jackson Weems, (on roster as James I. Weemes) and Thomas Weems (on roster as Thomas J. Weemes). They were all listed as privates.

Martin Weems married Margaret Goodwin in 1869. Her brothers, Henry Tripplett Goodwin (listed on roster as Henry T. Goodwin), and Martin W. Goodwin are also on roster in Lockett's City Guards as privates. Thomas J. Goodwin is a corporal in this unit. He was the father of the above mentioned Henry and Martin Goodwin.

I do not have compiled service records for these soldiers yet, because I just found them in the online Soldiers and Sailors System this week. The Alabama archives did not have my g-grandfathers name listed as Martin Weems (apparently?)and did not find him as Martin/Marthin Weemes/Weams when I requested his compiled service records. Surely the archives would have record of Lockett's City Guards, would'nt they ?

Finally ....not only do I find him, I find five other family members serving in the same unit ! One unusual thing about all these soldiers, they were all from Jefferson County AL.(Both families having lived there for years) I have to wonder what the Selma connection was.

I read some archived messages from this website about Lockett's City Guards; the muskmellon incident, and the type of weapons that they were issued, and information on Mr. Lockett himself, i.e. his military rank, and commissions. (BLESS THIS MESSAGE BOARD !!!)

Alan Pitts mentioned in a message that there are documents which describe the service of Lockett's City Guards in Selma. Mr. Pitts, if you could tell me where in Selma to look for those records, I would be very grateful.

Thank you all, for having such an informative site, it stays on my favorites list, I would be considerably confederately confused without it :) It has helped me so much in researching my Alabama Confederate ancestors. Judith Walker

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