Alabama 9th Cavalry Regiment

The Ninth Alabama Cavalry Regiment (designated Seventh Alabama Cavalry Regiment until 5 September 1864) was formed near Tullahoma, Tennessee in May 1863, by consolidating John C. Malone's Fourteenth and Zachariah Thomason's Nineteenth cavalry battalions, partisan rangers. The men and officers of the regiment were recruited from the counties of Cherokee, DeKalb, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, and Morgan. The former had organized in September 1862 and served in the brigades successively of Gen'ls John T. Morgan and J. A. Wharton, fighting at Murfreesboro. The regiment was in Wheeler's corps during the entire war. It first served in Wharton's Brigade until December 1863, and was in many skirmishes. It was brigaded with the First, Third, Fourth, and Fifty-first Alabama cavalry regiments, first under Gen'l J. T. Morgan, Russell, W. W. Allen and Hagan, and was constantly engaged in skirmishing. It suffered severely at Shelbyville, and it was involved in the Tennessee campaign, protecting Longstreet's corps. It was in pursuit of Union Gen'l William T. Sherman, with other portions of Wheeler's cavalry, during 1864 and 1865, and a remnant, about 100, finally surrendered in North Carolina with the Army of Tennessee. [Information contributed by Dale T. Ellis]

Col. James C. Malone (Limestone; wounded, Tennessee, Noonday Creek); Lt. Col. Zachariah Thomason (DeKalb; captured, Shelbyville); Majors Eugene F. Falconett (transferred); Thomas H. Malone (Limestone; captured, Shelbyville); and Adjutants William H. Binford (Madison; died in service); and Jerome E. Russell (Limestone)

Aiken, SC - Feb. 11, 1865


  • Co. "A" -- Thomas H. Malone (promoted)

  • Co. "B" -- William N. Hammack (resigned, 3 Dec 64)

  • Co. "C" -- George Mason (wounded, Atlanta)

  • Co. "D" -- Robert W. Figg (wounded, Dover; retired)

  • Co. "E" -- John H. Lester (wounded and captured, Dandridge); Marcus J. Williams (resigned, 18 July 63)

  • Co. "F" [formerly Co. "B", 2nd/19th Cavalry Battalion] -- Robert B. Davenport (resigned, 27 Jan 65)

  • Co. "G" -- William P. Westmoreland (transferred, 14th AL Battalion, Partisan Rangers); William E. Thompson (wounded, TN and Calhoun)

  • Co. "H" [formerly, Co. "C", 2nd/19th Cavalry Battalion] -- S. S. Clayton (captured, Shelbyville)

  • Co. "I" [formerly, Co. "D", 2nd/19th Cavalry Battalion] -- Allen Lea (promoted, Major); John G. White (resigned, 23 Jan 64)

  • Co. "K" -- J. W. [T. W.?] Harper

  • Co. "L" [formerly 2nd/19th Cavalry Battalion] -- John Green James M. Stevenson (KIA, Dover)

  • Co. "M" [formerly 2nd/19th Cavalry Battalion] -- W. H. Starling; S. P. Dobbs (wounded, Shelbyville and GA)


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