Alabama 9th Infantry Regiment

The Ninth Alabama infantry, organized at Richmond in May, 1861, enjoyed the distinction of having a joint resolution of thanks given it by the Confederate Congress in February, 1864. It was engaged in the siege of Yorktown, April 5 and May 2, 1862; at Williamsburg, May 5th, and at Seven Pines, May 31st and June 1st. This regiment won imperishable renown at Gaines' Mill and Frayser's Farm, was under fire at Second Manassas, and assisted at the capture of Harper's Ferry, September 12 to 15, 1862. It was also engaged at Chancellorsville and Salem, May 1-3, 1863, and suffered very heavy loss at Gettysburg. It was in the battle of the Wilderness, May 5-7, 1864, Cold Harbor, June 1st to 12th, and fought in the trenches at Petersburg for nearly 9 months.


Samuel Henry
J.H. King
Cadmus M. Wilcox
Lieutenant Colonels:
Stephen F. Hale
E.A. O'Neal
Gaynes C. Smith
James M. Crow
Jere H.J. Williams

Brigaded under General Edmund Kirby Smith

Seven Pines
Gaines' Mill
Frazier's Farm
2nd Manassas
Harper's Ferry
Hazel River
The Wilderness
2nd Cold Harbor
Hatcher's Run
High Bridge

Co. "A", Beauregard Rifles (Mobile): F. H. Ripley (resigned, 12 April 62); W. C. Murphy (wounded, Williamsburg, and captured; KIA, Salem Church); Arthur H. Hays
Co. "B", Railroad Guards (Jackson and Marshall): Jeremiah Henry Johnston Williams (promoted); E. Blake Moore (resigned, 2 May 63); Elias Jacobs (wounded, Gettysburg; KIA, 30 Aug 64); Patrick Seward (captured)
Co. "C", Pope Walker Guards (Lawrence): James M. Warren (resigned); M. G. May (wounded, Sharpsburg); W. T. Couch
Co. "D", Lauderdale Rifles (Lauderdale): J. Butler Houston (resigned, 29 Aug 61); William C. Reeder (promoted to major, 26th AL Regt); James M. Crow (wounded, Gaines' Mill; promoted); William James Cannon
Co. "E", Decatur Sons of Liberty (Morgan): Joseph Horace King (promoted); James Mat. Todd (retired, 28 June 64); James H. Sharp
Co. "F" (Limestone): Thomas H. Hobbs (KIA, Gaines' Mill); John C. Featherston (wounded, Gettysburg; dropped from rolls, Jan or Feb 65)
Co. "G" (Butler): Edward Young Hill (KIA, Gaines' Mill); Thomas H. Mills (resigned, 3 Sept 63); Mathew Patton
Co. "H", Limestone Grays (Limestone): David Houston (resigned, 24 Sept 61); Gaynes C. Smith (captured, Gettysburg; promoted); Rufus C. Jones
Co. "I", Calhoun Guards (Lauderdale): Edward Asbury O'Neal (promoted); Dougle W. Gillis (KIA, Williamsburg); Samuel Spencer Ives (transferred to 35th AL Regt, May 62); John N. Chisholm (captured, Gettysburg; died as POW); Benjamin F. Taylor (wounded, Sharpsburg; captured, Petersburg)
Co. "K" (Marshall): James Lawrence Sheffield (promoted to colonel, 48th AL Regt); John Rayburn (KIA, Sharpsburg); T. J. Eubanks; A. W. Ledbetter (wounded, Salem Church, Petersburg); Samuel Henry (promoted to lt. colonel, 3 July 61)


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