Alabama 1st Cavalry Regiment

The 1st Cavalry Regiment was assembled in November, 1861, at Montgomery, Alabama. Its companies were raised in the counties of Montgomery, Morgan, Dale, Tallapoosa, Calhoun, Pike, Autauga, Monroe, Butler, and Mobile. This regiment participated in more engagements of one type or another than any other unit, North or South. On April 26, 1865, about 150 officers and men surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.


Clanton,James H. - Colonel resigned July 1862
Hannon,M.W. - Lt. Colonel resigned July 5,1862
Allen, Wm. W.- Major, Lt.Colonel, Colonel
Brown, T.B. - Lt. Colonel killed Sept. 21,1862
Blakey, David T. - Lt. Colonel
Hundley, Wm. H - Major, Lt.Colonel
Elmore, Vincent M. - Major
Lynch, Frank - Surgeon
McWhorter, E.A. - A.C.S. resigned Oct.28,1862
Abercrombie, George W. - A. S.
Oliver, Thomas W. - A.Q.M. resigned Oct. 9,1862
Norton, Samuel E. - A.Q.M.
Judkins, James H. - Adjutant resigned Nov. 1862
Hobgoon, T. - Chaplin
Smith, W.P. - A.C.S.
Ball, George C. - Adjutant (temporary)
Nicholson, John C. - Surgeon
Speed, W.M. - Asst. Surgeon
Wyman, Leon - Adjutant 

During the war it served in Chalmers', Wheeler's, J.T. Morgan's, W.W. Allen's, and J. Hagan's Brigade.

After taking an active part in the Battle of Shiloh it reported 588 men present for duty. It fought at Munfordville , Perryville , Murfreesboro , and Chickamauga , then saw action in the Knoxville and Atlanta Campaigns. Later the 1st Cavalry was involved in the defense of Savannah and the campaign of the Carolinas.
Aiken, SC - Feb. 11, 1865

Company A
Company B - Montgomery County
Company C
Company D



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