Battles in Arkansas


Battles in Arkansas in 1864

This information is excerpted from Frederick Dyers Compendium of the War of the Rebellion. The losses listed in each encounter are for the Federal troops.

March 20 Skirmish, Arkadelphia

March 29 Skirmish, Arkadelphia

March 31 Skirmish Arkadelphia

April 1 Skirmish, Arkadelphia

April 1 Action, Augusta

April 2 Skirmish, Antoine Creek

April 6-7 Skirmishes, Arkansas River

April 22-24 Expedition, Augusta

July 1-31 Operations Arkansas

July 10 Skirmish, Arkansas River

Aug. 10 Skirmish, Augusta

Aug. 24 Engagement, Ashley's Station

Aug. 27-28 Scout, Arkansas River

Aug. 27-Sept. 6 Expedition, Augusta

Sept. 2 Skirmish, Augusta

Sept. 9-14 Scout Alligator Bayou

Sept. 22-28 Scout, Alligator Bayou

Oct. 1-4 Scout Alligator Bayou

Oct. 22-24 Scout, Augusta

Dec. 1 Expedition Arkansas River

Dec. 7-8 Expedltion, Augusta

Dec. 17-18 Expedition, Arkansas Post

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