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The Civil War in Arkansas

Military Units of Arkansas

    The exact number of military units which were formed in Arkansas is unknown. Some units changed names and / or were consolidated or reoganized during the war and a few were disbanded without seeing service.

    This list contains 269 known discreet units and is based on the inventory made by the National Archives of the various rosters and service records.

    The Compendium of the Confederate Armies by Stewart Sifakis identifies 265 units, but a number of the units are listed with a note to see another unit, so I believe the 269 units number is pretty accurate.

    The total loss of the Confederate Armies in killed and mortally wounded will never be definitely known, and can be stated only in round numbers. A summing up of the casualties at each battle and minor engagement--using official reports only, and in their absence accepting Confederate estimates- indicates that 94,000 men were killed or mortally wounded on the Confederate side during the war.

    This web site and The Civil War In Arkansas CD-ROM are dedicated to telling the stories of these men and their families.

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