The Civil War in Arkansas

Arkansas 4th Infantry Regiment

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Originally known as the "Southwestern Arkansas Regiment", the 4th Arkansas was organized at Mount Vernon, Missouri, from volunteer companies from the southwestern part of Arkansas, which arrived in Missouri just after the Battle of Wilson's Creek. The 4th Arkansas served throughout the war in the western theater, seeing action in the Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia campaigns. Following its depletion in numbers the regiment was consolidated several times with other Arkansas regiments, finally merging in 1865 into the 1st Arkansas Consolidated Mounted Rifles.


Colonel: Mcnair, Evander from Hempstead Co.
Major: May, James H. from Montgomery Co.
Surgeon: Gammage, W.L.
Assistant Surgeon: Jones, F.N. of Arkansas
Quartermaster: Walker, George W.
Adjutant: Grant, Nathaniel Lieutenant of Company C. Montgomery Co.
Chaplain: Black, B.B. of Washington Co.
Sergeant-Major: Johnson, Needham O.S. of Company E.
Fife Major: Prince, Wm. H. Private of Company E.
Drum Major: Knox, Wm. W. Private of Company E.
Forage Master: Bostick, John of Company C. Montgomery Co.
Quartermaster Sergeant: Black, Warren Private of Company A., Calhoun Co.
Commissary Sergeant: Beard, John Private of Company B., Of Washington.
Quartermaster's Clerk: Ferguson, of Washington.
Hospital Steward: Kerr, Dr. E.W. Private of Company B, Hempstead Co.



Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas, March 6–8, 1862.
Siege of Corinth, Mississippi, April to June 1862.
Kentucky Campaign, Kentucky, August–October 1862.
Battle of Richmond, Kentucky, August 29–30, 1862.
Battle of Perryville, Kentucky, October 8, 1862.
Battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, December 31, 1862 to January 3, 1863.
Vicksburg Campaign
Battle of Jackson, Mississippi, May 14, 1863.
Siege of Jackson, Mississippi, July 5–25, 1863.
Chickamauga Campaign
Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia, September 19–20, 1863.
Meridian Campaign
Battle of Meridian, Mississippi, February 14–20, 1864.
Atlanta Campaign, May to September 1864.
Battle of Dug Gap, Georgia, September 10–11, 1863.
Battle of Resaca, Georgia, May 14–15, 1864.
Battle of New Hope Church, Georgia, May 25–June 4, 1864.
Battle of Pickett's Mill, Georgia, May 27, 1864.[42]
Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, June 27, 1864.
Battle of Moore's Hill, Georgia, July 28, 1862.
Battle of Peachtree Creek, Georgia, July 20, 1864.
Siege of Atlanta, Georgia, July 22, 1864.
Battle of Lovejoy's Station, Georgia, August 20, 1864.
Franklin–Nashville Campaign September 18–December 27, 1864.
Battle of Moon's Station, Georgia, October 3, 1864.
Battle of Spring Hill, Tennessee, November 29, 1864.
Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, November 30, 1864.
Battle of Nashville, Tennessee, December 15–16, 1864.
Battle of Sugar Creek, Tennessee, December 26, 1864.
Carolinas Campaign, February to April 1865.
Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina, March 19–21, 1865.


Field Staff and Band
Company A – the "Calhoun Escopets" – of Calhoun County, commanded by Captain Joseph B.McCulloch.
Company B – the "Hempstead Hornets" – of Hempstead County, commanded by Captain Rufus K. Garland.
Company C – the "Caddo Rifles" – of Montgomery County, commanded by Captain Francis J. Erwin.
Company D – the "Bright Star Rifles" – of Lafayette County, commanded by Captain Josephuse Tison.
Company E – the "Confederate Guards" – of Hempstead County, commanded by Captain John A. Rowles. This company was originally organized as a volunteer company of the 8th Regiment, Arkansas State Militia.
Company F – the "Montgomery Hunters" – of Montgomery County, commanded by Captain John M. Simpson.
Company G – the "Pike County Blues" – of Pike County, commanded by Captain James F. Black.
Company H – the "Polk County Invincibles" – of Polk County, commanded by Captain William H. Earp.

Two additional companies were added on October 26, 1861 at Fort Smith, Arkansas:

Company I – the "Polk Rifles" – of Polk County, commanded by Captain James B. Williamson.
Company K – the "Calhoun Invincibles" – of Calhoun County, commanded by Captain Oliver H. P. Black.


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