Applicants for Pardon


APPLICANTS FOR PARDON.; List of all the high Military and Civil Rebel Leaders now Suing for Pardon The Applications Suspended for the Present. MEMBERS OF REBEL CONGRESS. GENERAL OFFICERS OF THE REBELLION.

New York Times
October 25, 1865, Wednesday
Page 2, 1808 words

The following list comprises the names of all the applicants for pardon now on file in the Attorney General's office, which come under any of the exceptions except that known as the "twenty thousand clause." This list, it will be seen, is composed of most of the high military and civil leaders on the rebellion, ex-members of the rebel Congress, many of whom resigned seats in the National Congress to aid in the rebellion, ex-officers of the United States Army, and civil officers of the various State governments. These applicants are all suspended for the present, and few or none are likely to be acted upon until after the meeting of Congress. Occasionally, for some special reason, the President takes the responsibility of pardoning one of these classes.

  • Civil Officers - 18 names
  • Members of the Confederate Congress - 92 names
  • Brigadier Generals - 118 names
  • Ex Officers of the United States Army - 105 names

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