It may be said that the term "Arizona Brigade" is a misnomer. It was formed for the invasion and recapture of the Confederate Territory of Arizona (which was lost to Union invaders in July 1862), and yet never once set foot in Arizona. The Regiments within the Brigade were unofficially known as "Arizona Cavalry Regiments," and yet almost all the men within them were from Texas. And it was called the "Arizona BRIGADE," and yet never fought together as a Brigade...its Regiments were detailed to other Brigades instead. Be that as it may, the Arizona Brigade and its individual regiments left a rich and colorful record that deserves to be told.

Article on this brigade
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The roster for this unit in the National Archives Index contains 2 names.
Houston, J. H.
Whitney, S. J.

The records of the brigade are found in four Texas units.

Hardeman's Regiment Texas Cavalry - 772 men
Baylor's Regiment Texas Cavalry - 746 men
Madison's Regiment Texas Cavalry - 736 men
Baird's Regiment Texas Cavalry - 980 men


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