Shiloh, TN
Apr. 6-7, 1862

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Stanford’s MS Battery

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Kentucky provided leaders and units to both sides at the Battle of Shiloh, 6-7 Apr 1862. Seven general officers (2 Confederate and 5 Federal) were born in the state. Grant's Army of the Tennessee had MG John McClerand near Hardinsburg); in Buell's Army of the Ohio, BG Jeremiah T. Boyle (Mercer County), BG Thomas L. Crittenden (Russellville), BG William Nelson (near Maysville), and BG Thomas J. Wood (Munfordville). Commander of the Confederate Army of the Mississippi, Albert Sidney Johnston (Washington) and one of his corps commanders, BG John C. Breckinridge (Lexington) were native Kentuckians. See:

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A Journal of Hospital Life in the Confederate Army
Cumming, Kate
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Narrative of the Battle of Shiloh
Clark, H. C.
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Til Shiloh Comes
Rigdon, John C.
291 pgs.
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