History of the Doles Cook Brigade

From the Preface...

The distinctive feature of this work is, that the author has endeavored to give a true and correct account of the services rendered by each member of this brigade while in the Confederate army opposite their respective names. To accomplish this he used every means within his power to procure the data herein recorded.

No brigade in the Confederate army did more service, or suffered more hardships, and none can boast of a prouder or more brilliant record than that made by the Doles-Cook Brigade. Its regiments were amongst the first to take arms in defense of the South, and did not lay them down until General Robert E. Lee surrendered the army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court-house, Virginia on the 9th day of April, 1865. On that fatal day the remnant of the Doles-Cook Brigade followed the Stars and Bars as gallantly, fought as bravely, and drove the enemy as steadily as they had done in the past. Not until then did they cease to bear arms in defense of the South.

Read the history of all the armies of any nation, and you will not find a single one to compare to that of the Confederate army. They were intelligent, brave fearless and determined, but kind and gentlemanly in their bearings, respectful of their officers and obedient to orders. They did not fight for conquest or glory, but simply for the protection of their homes and the independence of the South.

The life of the Confederacy was brief, but brilliant and glorious. No nation possesses such a priceless record as that made by her soldiers; none ever contended with so many disadvantages and against such fearful odds; none ever displayed more courage, or exhibited more loyal devotion to any cause than the Confederate soldier.

The Doles-Cook bridade was composed of the Fourth, Twelfth, Twenty-first and Fourty-fourth Regiments Georgia Volunteer Infantry. This book is a detailed history of these four regiments. It is 718 pages and includes a CD-ROM with more than 60 photographs of men who served in this brigade.

The original was published in 1903 by The Franklin Printing and Publishing Company, Atlanta, Georgia. This reprint brings to light this work which has been unavailable to readers of Civil War histories for many years. Our edition includes additional genealogical and biographical notes on some of the men who served plus an all new index.

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