History of the Georgia 42nd Infantry Regiment


History of the Georgia 42nd Infantry Regiment

The Georgia 42nd Infantry Regiment served in the Army of Tennessee, seeing action in Vicksburg, then in Tennessee, the Atlanta Campaign, the Carolinas Campaign, and surrendered at Bentonville, NC. This history of the war was written by W. L. Calhoun, a member of the regiment and historian for the Veterans after the war. It contains many details not found in other histories especially concerning the hardships endured in the siege of Vicksburg.

Our edition also contains numerous footnotes to the original with discussion of the accuracy of various records

The GA 42nd Infantry Regiment was made up of the following companies:

Company A - Gwinnett County
Company B - Gwinnett County
Company C - Milton County
Company D - Dekalb County
Company E - Newton County
Company F - Newton County
Company G - Walton County
Company H - Walton County
Company I - Fulton County
Company K - Fulton County

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History of the Georgia 42nd Infantry Regiment
    Calhoun, W. C.

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