Diary of a Tar Heel Confederate Soldier


Diary of a Tar Heel Confederate Soldier
Louis, Leon
North Carolina 1st Infantry Regiment
North Carolina 53rd Infantry Regiment

Louis Leon was a Jewish Confederate soldier from Charlotte, North Carolina. He served first with the Charlotte Grays, Co. C, First North Carolina Regiment and fought at Bethel. When his enlistment was up, he joined Co. B, Fifty-Third North Carolina Regiment. He saw service in eastern North Carolina, in Virginia, fought at Gettysburg and was finally captured during the Battle of the Wilderness in May 1864

From the Introduction:

This diary was commenced for the fun of writing down my experience as a soldier from the Old North State. I never thought for a moment that I would put it in print; but now that I am getting old and have read so many histories written by our officers, but have never seen in print a history written by a private.

I know that my diary is truly the life of the man behind the gun, therefore I make bold to publish it. I am sure my experience was that of other privates, and a true history of my companies and regiments, as well as the Brigade, Division, and even Corp that I belonged to. I am certain that the men of '61 to '65 who read this will recall most vividly the camping, marching, fighting and suffering they endured in those never-to-be-forgotten days of long ago. And to the younger generation of Southern-born it will show how we endured and suffered, but still fought on for the cause we know was right.

Diary of a Tar Heel Confederate Soldier
Louis, Leon
127 pgs.

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Diary of a Tar Heel Confederate Soldier
    Leon, Louis

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