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Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers

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A Cavalryman's Reminiscences
by Howell Carter

When the actors in a great drama are about to have the last curtain rung down, they strain every nerve to so reach the climax that the audience may go away with the scene forever stamped upon their minds, and, thus it is in this case; thirty-five years have passed away and the dust and cobwebs have so accumulated that even the names of the actors are almost obliterated, but with a supreme effort we have brushed and swept until the walls have whitened and the names of most of the members of "Scott's Famous Cavalry," as the Federals called them, are written herein, and, if it means for preservation, then the author, when the curtain is about to rung down, will say "this is a far, far better thing that I do than I have ever done."

A Cavalryman's Reminiscences
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