My Own Personal Experience and Observation - $25.00
by J. E. Robuck

I have only to briefly state that I was a Southern soldier during the War between the States. Now—1911—I am in the seventy-fourth year of my age. I was wounded at the battle of Chickamauga on Sept. 19, 1863. I was subsequently adjudged incapacitated for military duty, and was placed on what was called the "retired list." Merely from choice, though excused from duty, I spent the greater portion of my time with the army. That is the why, the where, and the when I witnessed some of the scenes and incidents recorded in the following pages. Since the close of the war I have worked and managed to support myself honorably and very comfortably, until 1906, at which time I was confronted with misfortune and met with serious reverses. Indeed my resources became so depleted that, amid old age and affliction, I was almost penniless. Though my mental faculties remained unimpaired, age debarred me from obtaining several situations. Having no family, and abhorring the idea of becoming a "parasite" to another’s family or a burden to any community, as a last resort I applied and was admitted to the "Jefferson Davis Memorial Confederate Soldiers’ Home" at Beauvoir, Miss. There the "old veterans" are well cared for in almost every respect. They are furnished with plenty of good, wholesome food and are well clothed. Their rooms are furnished with care. They are furnished with chewing and smoking tobacco and pipes. In fact, they get all the common comforts of life. But any man, regardless of age, who has always worked for his living, or who has any manhood, ambition or energy left, just to stay there and read, sleep, eat, and brood over the sad fact that he is only waiting there to die in idleness, will soon rust out and die with sheer inactivity. I really believe now that, had I been forced to remain there in the same condition, instead of being forced out, I would either be dead or confined in a lunatic asylum. While there, I borrowed a small amount of money which I invested in stationery, and wrote "The Life Story of Archie McDonald." I eventually succeeded in having it published. From April, 1907 to April, 1911, I have traveled, selling the books in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. During these four years I have sold, individually, eleven thousand copies of Archie McDonald. And, strange to say that among the eleven thousand, or rather, perhaps, among the one hundred thousand people that I have approached with my book, only two have ever spoken to me in a rough or unkind manner. One of these was a little self-important jack-leg lawyer at Franklin, Tenn.; the other was a bombastic bulldog-looking merchant at Macon, Miss. The following pages contain a record of a portion of my experience and observation during the four years of war, and also during the period of Reconstruction following the close of the war. I will travel and sell this book as I did Archie McDonald, not in an effort to hoard money, but that by its sale I may live in compliance with the divine injunction: "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground."

    My Own Personal Experience and Observation
    191 pgs.
    paperback - $25.00

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