Confederate Prison Narratives


Much has been written over the years concerning the atrocities of the Civil War Prison Camps - especially Andersonville, but the privations suffered by confederate soldiers in Elmira, Camp Chase, Johnsonís Island, and Camp Douglas have been largely ignored. This CD-ROM contains a collection of 12 books in E-BOOK format giving FIRST HAND ACCOUNTS of Confederate Soldiers in yankee prisons. A dozen full length books with personal accounts of life in civil war prisons. All of the major prisons are covered with these first hand accounts, Camp Chase, Elmira, Johnson's Island, plus many of the lesser known camps.

  • A Soldier's Story; Prison Life and Other Incidents in the War of 1861-65. Sherrill, Miles O. - 13 pgs. - North Carolina 12th Inf.
  • Camp and Prison Journal, Embracing Scenes in Camp, on the March, and in Prisons Frost, Griffin 521 pgs. - Missouri Home Guards
  • Camp, Field and Prison Life, Wash, Capt. W. A. 382 pgs. - Vaughn's Tennessee Brigade
  • In Vinculis; or, the Prisoner of War. Keiley, A. M. 62 pgs. - Virginia 12th Infantry
  • My Experience in the Confederate Army and in Northern Prisons, Written from Memory. King, John R. 26 pgs. - Virginia 25th Infantry
  • Narrative of Prison Life at Baltimore & Johnsonís Island, Ohio. Shepherd, Henry E. 8 pgs.
  • Prison Echoes of the Great Rebellion. Hundley, Col. D. R. 322 pgs - Alabama 31st Inf.
  • Prison Life During the Rebellion. Fuzzleburg, Fritz. 102 pgs. - The Confederate 600
  • Prison Reminiscences. Crocker, James F. 44 pgs. Virginia 9th Infantry
  • Terrors and Horrors of Prison Life; or, Six Months a Prisoner at Camp Chase, Ohio. Duff, W. H. # 00813 134 pgs. Louisiana 25th Infantry
  • Three Hundred Days in a Yankee Prison. King, M.D., John H. 180 pgs. - Georgia 6th Cavalry
  • War Reminiscences. Monteiro, M.D. 178 pgs. Mosby's Rangers

Confederate Prison Narratives


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