Til Shiloh Comes


The most comprehensive work yet compiled for researching the Battle of Shiloh


    Timeline of the Battle

    A Confederate Perspective of the Battle

    A Federal Perspective of the Battle

    Gen. Grant's Official Report

    Gen. Sherman's Official Report

    Gen Beauregard's Official Report

    First Hand Accounts of the Battle

    Reminiscence of Shiloh (Dr. John Cunningham)
    Letter from Capt. John Trice (Capt. John Trice)
    The Battle of Shiloh (Brig. Gen. Benjamin Mayberry Prentiss)
    General Beauregard's Report (Gen. P. T. Beauregard)
    General Grant's Report (Gen. Ulysses S. Grant)
    General McCook's Report (Brig. Gen. Alexander McD McCook)
    Battle of Shiloh Poem (Author Unknown)
    The Battle of Shiloh (Col. Wills De Haas)
    What I Saw of Shiloh (Ambrose Pierce)
    The Battle of Shiloh (Gen. U. S. Grant)

    Complete Order of Battle for both Confederate and Federal Forces showing number of men engaged and casualties by command

    The Most Comprehensive Casualty List yet Compiled

The CD-ROM contains the full text of the book plus:

    The Official Records Vols. X and XVII - 700 plus pages of battle reports, casualty lists, and details,

    Over 50 photographs and maps of the battlefield

    Rosters of many of the regiments engaged.


Til Shiloh Comes
by John C. Rigdon
291 pgs.
Paperback - 25.00
CD-ROM - 35.00
Book / CD Combo - $49.95
EBOOK - 12.95

Rigdon, John C.
Til Shiloh Comes

291 pgs.

Book / CD Combo


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