The Confederate Soldier - $25.00
by L. J. Wilson

In writing up my own history and adventures, I am compelled to write to a certain extent the history of the 1st Mississippi Regiment, and I do this with a great deal of pleasure, and feel like I am discharging a duty, to relate what little I know of this gallant regiment, because I have never seen anything in print in regard to the part they acted in the great drama. Probably because so few of them survived the great struggle, possibly because their history was a very sad one.

Nearly one half of the war was spent by this regiment in prison, and if I remember correctly, a large percentage of the gallant men and officers who left the State in 1861, sleep around Camp Chase and on Johnson's Island. This statement alone is enough to enlist the interest of any old surviving comrade in their history. I can at least write it up to the point of separation at Fort Donelson. Their "prison life," thank God, I know nothing of, so I continue my story as a part of the Mississippi 42nd Infantry Regiment.

    The Confederate Soldier
    paperback - $25.00

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