Military Annals of Tennessee

Lindsley, John Berrien
2 Vols.
1634 pgs.

This is one of the most sought-after books for researching Tennessee Confederate Units. It contains a first-hand history of each unit and a memorial roll of those killed in the war.

The purpose of this work was to provide an authoritative history of each Confederate military unit which was organized in Tennessee, and to publish a memorial Roll of the Tennessee Confederate soldiers who died or were killed in action. The unit histories were all written by the men who served in those units.

The difference between these volumes and Tennesseans in the Civil War is that Military Annals of Tennessee is the Confederate soldiers’ account of the War and themselves as they saw it - written by first-hand observers. If you want to understand and see the War and the Confederate soldier as he saw it and himself, read these books.

The Military Annals of Tennessee does not duplicate and is not like Tennesseans in the Civil War. That 2-volume set is an excellent reference, however it contains no first-hand accounts, no color, no flavor, no opinions, no laughter, and no excitement - just dry facts and figures. In scanning it you’d never know the Confederate soldier ever bled, laughed, got tired, or appreciated the ladies. All of this you will find in The Military Annals of Tennessee. These volumes read like “Co. Aytch” (probably the most popular and enduring of Civil War Books.) Lindsley’s excellent work is for reading - darn good reading - try it, you’ll like it!