Diary of Anita Dwyer Withers


Diary of Anita Dwyer Withers

This diary covers May, 1860 through June 1865. Mrs. Withers followed her husband to Virginia and lived in Richmond for most of the war. Her husband was a Captain in an unidentified unit (possibly Arkansas 3rd Infantry Regiment). This diary presents a good look at social life and conditions in Richmond during the war.

July 3rd. [1863]

A very hot day. The Militia is out again today. I felt very badly all the evening, retired about ten O'clock.

July 4th. 1863.

Last night I did not rest well, I felt uncomfortable all night long,-- waked up very early, sent for Dr. Dean before breakfast, he said there was no doubt but that I was in labour. Aunt Sally, the nurse, Mrs. Duval and my Husband were with me--the baby was born about a 15 minutes after eleven--not a Doctor was near me, Dr. Dean being engaged with Mr. Wall's wife who had a daughter on the same day.

Dr. Cunningham came to see me the first day--Dr. Talley was also sent for but was too late. Our dear little Johnny is a fine little fellow, weighed nearly eight lbs. My friends were exceedingly kind to me, sending me nice things, and coming to see me. I had company nearly every day until I left Mrs. Duval's.

The Semmes left whilst we were there. The house was exceedingly noisy and disagreeable during my confinement, if it had not been for Mrs. Duval kindness we could have stood it.

Mrs. Tom Williams had a boy born on the same day as mine--likewise called after his Father.--

I heard my brother had a daughter born a month previous to mine.

We moved up to Mr. Starke's on the 1st. August, Saturday, we had an exceedingly hot spell when we first went up, however the change was pleasant, we live a good deal better. Mrs. Starke is very kind--the water we have up here is delightful.

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Diary of Anita Dwyer Withers
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