My Uncle Charley's
Gun Shop


By John Rigdon

My great uncle, Charles Rigdon made handguns for the Confederate Government. The Leech and Rigdon Revolver has been called 'the finest confederate handgun.' His company of artisans began work in St. Louis, and after several relocations ended up in Augusta, GA where they made the machinery for the Confederate Powder Works and manufactured handguns and swords.

This is the story of the Rigdon and Ansley Machine Works located in Augusta, GA. The men who worked in this Machine Works were also known as the Rigdon Guards Augusta Infantry. My great-grandfather, William Rigdon appears on the roster as a Junior Second Lieutenant. He was 13 when the war started. The Augusta Home Defense was involved in the battle of Griswoldville (near Macon, GA) where they lost two men and at the Battle of Aiken they were detailed to defend Horse Creek which runs 'up the valley' from Hamburg to Graniteville.

My Uncle Charley's Gun Shop tells their story. It includes a picture of the Leech and Rigdon handgun on the cover and a detailed drawing of a sword made by the machine shop.







My Uncle Charley's Gun Shop

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