The Family and Early Life of Stonewall Jackson


Stonewall Jackson, like many other great men, has been to a considerable extent the subject of legend. Thus, for instance, the impression has been left that he was reared in a wild and godless community and only became serious-minded and religious in later life. As a matter of fact, from early boyhood he was deeply interested in religion. Again, the fable has been spread that he walked from his home in western Virginia to Washington in order to secure means to reach West Point, to which he had been appointed. Jackson was poor, but not so poor as this.

It is the merit of this little book that all the evidence bearing on the early life of Stonewall Jackson has been carefully sifted, so that the reader may be sure that what he finds bears the stamp of authentic history. Much new matter, garnered here and there, has been added; the result is that by far the most complete account of the youth of the great general is to be found in these pages.

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