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We Rode

With Wheeler


There lingers to this day a romantic vision of Confederate Cavalry that brings forth images of valor, gallantry, horsemanship, bold tactics and esprit de corps. Yet the reality of Joe Wheeler’s success required much more than knightly valor and gallantry. It required dogged, often sweaty perseverance and long, physically exhausting days and nights, enduring many hardships and deprivations. While much has been written about the Cavalry exploits of Forrest, Morgan, Stuart, Hampton, Butler and other Confederate Cavalry leaders, the men who served under General Joseph Wheeler have equally compelling stories which have lain largely undiscovered and unread. Indeed both Morgan and Forrest served under Wheeler for a time, but the accounts most closely associated with Gen. Wheeler center around the Atlanta and Carolinas Campaigns towards the end of the war. Many troops from other States added to the strength of his legions, but the majority of his men were Alabamians led by General William Wirt Allen, James Hagan, Moses Wright Hannon, John Herbert Kelly, and other brave officers of Alabama. This book tells their story in their own words.

Table of Contents

Fightin’ Joe Wheeler
A Sketch of Wheeler's War Service
The Account of John Wyeth
Brave George Barnhart Zimpelman
Reminiscences of the Terry Rangers
One of Terry's Texas Rangers
The Gallant Pelhams—Other Heroes
Letters From Veterans
We Rode With Wheeler
293 pgs.
Available in paperback, hardback, and EBOOK formats

For more detailed study of Wheeler and his men, we have also prepared a companion CD-ROM which contains over 1,000 additional pages of original source material and analysis. The CD includes biographies of the officers who served under Wheeler, casualty lists, photographs, maps, the Official Records Volumes which deal with the battles they participated in, and additional memoirs of the men who participated along with an extensive bibliography to aid in your research.


An expanded version of the book, We Rode With Wheeler with a more complete casualty list and biograpical sketches of the officers (many with photos).
The Official Records which deals with the battles
The Memoirs of Gen. Wheeler
Maps of the Atlanta and Carolina Campaigns
Bibliography for additional Research


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