We Rode With Forrest


While many accounts have been written about General Forrest and his adventures, this book takes a different approach, telling the story of the battles in the words of the men who were actually there.

Here is a list of known units which served under Forrest:

10th Confederate (2) (Chickamauga) Goode
14th Confederate (July '64)
2nd Alabama (Okolona) Earle
4th Alabama (Roddey's) (Streight's Raid, Brice's, Selma) Roddey
4th Alabama (Russell's) (Lexington, Parker's X-Roads, Selma) Russell
5th Alaama (Brice's, Pulaski, Selma) Patterson
6th Alabama (Selma) Colvin
7th Alabama (flag) (Johnsonville-Selma) Hodgson
8th Alabama (Selma) Livingston
10th Alabama Pickett
(10th Ala. Burtwell's Cavalry Regiment)
11th Alabama (Brice's, Athens, Pulaski, Selma) Burtwell
51st Alabama PR (early war) Morgan
53rd Alabama PR (Streight's Raid) Hannon
2nd Arkansas (1863) Slemons
3rd Arkansas (Mar.-Nov. 1863) Earle
1st Georgia Morrison
2nd Georgia (Murfreesboro) Lawton
2nd Georgia Cavalry
6th Georgia
1st Kentucky Cavalry
1st Kentucky Helm
1st Louisiana
2nd Kentucky
3rd Kentucky (Brice's Crossroads) Holt
7th Kentucky (Brice's Crossroads) Crossland
7th Kentucky MI (Brice's Crossroads)
8th Kentucky (Brice's Crossroads) Shacklett
10th Kentucky PR Johnson
12th Kentucky (West Point, Brice's Crossroads) Faulkner 5th Mississippi Cavalry
1st Mississippi Partisan Rangers (later referred to as 7th MS)
3rd Mississippi
4th Mississippi (July '64 - Duration of War) Wilbourne
5th Mississippi (West Point - Duration of War) George
6th Mississippi (July '64) Moreland
7th Mississippi (July '64, name of 1st MS Partisan Rangers)
8th Mississippi (Brice's Crossroads) Duff
18th Mississippi (Ft. Pillow - Duration of War) Chalmers
18th Mississippi Btln
19th Mississippi Btln, Duff (eventually became 8th MS)
38th Mississippi MI (July '64)
2nd Missouri McCulloch
6th North Carolina
2nd Tennessee Battalion Co. F
Forrest's Escort (TN) Jackson
2nd Tennessee (Barteau's) Barteau
2nd Tennessee (Smith's) (early) Cons. w/ 11th AL to form 3rd CSA Smith
3rd Tennessee (Forrest's Reg) (July, '64) Broken apart and cons. with 18th Tenn, Russell's 4th Ala. Forrest, Kelley
4th Tennessee Starnes
5th Tennessee
6th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
7th Tennessee (Almost entire war) Duckworth
8th Tennessee (Dibrell's) Dibrell
8th Tennessee (Smith's) Smith
9th Tennessee Bennett
10th Tennessee Cox
11th Tennessee Cavalry Battalion
11th Tennessee Edmondson
12th Tennessee Bell
13th Tennessee
14th Tennessee Richardson's Brigade (relieved in July '64, but later reconstructed from other units) Neely
15th Tennessee (Stewart's) (Brice's Crossroads) Richardson's Brigade (relieved in July '64, but later reconstructed from other units)

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