A Lost Arcadia

From the Preface...

There are many books of many kinds and this volume properly classified would probably belong to the "sui generis," "sic trasit gloria mundi" variety which is loosely translated "My glorious old aunt has been sick ever since Monday."

Thus begins a delightful tale of the town of Hephzibah, GA in south Richmond County. The author, Walter A. Clark cites three reasons for its existence:

First, I have written it to please my friends, who bear personal kinship to its records.

Second, I have hoped to please myself by making some little contribution to a bank account whose surplus has never been a burden.

Third, a hundred years and more from now it may be that some far descendant of the author, while fingering the musty shelves of some old library, may find some modest satisfaction in the thought that his ancient sire had "writ" a book.

Index to A Lost Arcadia

Also available by Walter A. Clark, Under the Stars and Bars - an account of his Civil War service.


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A Lost Arcadia
(Hephzibah, GA)
    by Walter C. Clark
203 pgs.
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