Sherman's March Through South Carolina
Ebook Research Bundle

This CD bundle contains a number of Ebooks to aid in your research of Sherman's Carolina Campaign. It covers the time frame of Jan. 1, 1865 - March and focuses on North and South Carolina.

Sherman's March Through South Carolina
Ebook Research Bundle

The following books are included on this CD:

    Arbuckle, John C. Civil War Experiences of a Foot Soldier Who Marched with Sherman. Columbus: 1930, p 122.

    Bowman, S. M.; R. B. Irwin. Sherman and His Campaigns: A Military Biography. New York: Charles B. Richardson. 1865. 512pp.

    Boyd, James Penny. The Life of General William T. Sherman. Publisher's Union. 1892. 608pp.

    Byers, S.H.M.With Fire and Sword. Washington: The Neale Publishing Company, 1911, p 144.

    Byers, S.H.M.What I saw in Dixie; or Sixteen Months in Rebel Prisons. Dansville, NY: Express Printing House. 1868, pp 347-348.

    Chase, Edward. The Memorial Life of General William Tecumseh Sherman. Chicago: R. S. Peale & Co.. 1891. 554pp.

    Fletcher, Thomas Clement. Life and Reminiscences of General Wm. T. Sherman. Baltimore: R. H. Woodward Company. 1891. 479pp. Biography with memoirs by luminaries appended.

    Conyngham, David P.Sherman's March Through the South. New York: Sheldon and Company, 1865, p 324.

    Gibbes, James G. Who Burnt Columbia? Newberry, SC: Elbert H. Aull, 1902, p 106.

    Headley, Phineas Camp. Life and Military Career of Major-General William Tecumseh Sherman. New York: William H. Appleton. 1865. 368pp.

    Lewis, Lloyd. Sherman: Fighting Prophet. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company. 1932. 690pp.

    Nichols, George Ward.Story of the Great March. New York: Harper Brothers, 1865, p 127.

    Rigdon, John C. 66 Days of Hell. Cartersville, GA: Eastern Digital Resources. 1998. 48pp.

    Rigdon, John C. The Battle of Aiken. Cartersville, GA: Eastern Digital Resources. 1996. 259pp.

    Rigdon, John C. The Battle for the Salkehatchie. Cartersville, GA: Eastern Digital Resources. 2000. 259pp.

    Rigdon, John C. We Rode With Wheeler. Cartersville, GA: Eastern Digital Resources. 2006. 259pp.

    Robins, Edward. William T. Sherman. Philadelphia: G. W. Jacobs & Co.. 1905. 352pp.

    Senour, F.. Major General William T. Sherman, and His Campaign. Chicago: Henry M. Sherwood. 1865. 477pp.

    Sherman, William T. . Memoirs of General William T. Sherman. New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1875. (2 vols.) 405pp. + 409pp.

    Taylor, Mrs. Thomas, ed. South Carolina Women in the Confederacy, Vol. I, Columbia: State Company, 1903, p 326.

    U.S. Government Printing Office. The Official Records of the American Civil War.

      Volume XLVII - in Three Parts. 1895. (Vol. 47, Chap. 59)
      Chapter LIX - Operations in North Carolina (from February 1), South Carolina, Southern Georgia, and East Florida. January 1-June 30, 1865.
      Part I - Reports
      Part II - Union and Confederate Correspondence
      Part III - Union and Confederate Correspondence

    Van Boynton, Henry. Sherman's Historical Raid: The Memoirs in the Light of the Record: A Review Based Upon Compilations from the Files of the War Office. Cincinnati: Wilstach, Baldwin & Co.. 1875. 276pp.

    Wells, Edward. A.Sketch of the Charleston Light Dragoons. Charleston: Lucas, Richardson & Co., 1888.