The First Families Project
Cobb County, GA


This is an on-going project to research and publish information on the first families of Cobb County, Georgia. Today this metropolitan area is the thriving northeast suburb of Atlanta with a population of 800,000.

This project focuses on the families who were in the area prior to 1840. Before the year 1832, Cobb County was a part of Cherokee County, which then included a very extensive territory in the upper part of the State.

We have identified 184 surnames (with about a dozen more variations in spellings) making up the 270 families and the 2,000 people living in Cobb County, GA in 1834.

This CDROM contains surname folders on all of these surnames. Some have just a few pages and others contain hundreds. Not all of the notes have connections to Cobb County, but the information is designed to help you research your family both before and after the family was in Cobb County.

Also included on the CDROM:

    Country Life in Georgia in the Days of My Youth
    Diary of William King, Cobb County, Georgia
    The Benson-Kendrick House - 78 pgs.
    Early and current maps
    Bibliography for additional research
    Appleton’s Cyclopedia of American Biography V. 1 by John Wilson and John Fiske - 834 pgs.
    Appleton’s Cyclopedia of American Biography V. 2 by John Wilson and John Fiske - 787 pgs.
    A History of Georgia by William Bacon Stevens - 547 pgs.
    A Standard History of Georgia and Georgians by Lucian L. Knight - 673 pgs.
    Biographical Sketches of the Delegates for the Constitutional Congress from Georgia by Charles Colcock Jones - 237 pgs.
    Dead Towns of Georgia by Charles Colcock Jones - 241 pgs.
    Early History of Georgia by Samuel G. Drake - 43 pgs.
    Georgia by Allen Daniel Candler and Clement Anselm Evans - 705 pgs.
    Georgia History Stories by Joseph Harris Chappell - 409 pgs.
    History of Georgia by Robert Preston Brooks - 475 pgs.
    History of the Choctaw Chickasaw and Natchez Indians by Horatio Cushman - 625 pgs.
    History of the Georgia Woman’s Christian Temperance Union by Mrs. J. J. Ansley - 325 pgs.
    Lives of Christian Ministers by Peter Jefferson Kernodle - 505 pgs.
    Official Congressional Directory 1892 by W. H. Michael - 307 pgs.
    Story of Georgia by George Gillman Smith - 712 pgs.
    The Georgia Historical Quarterly Vol. 1 - 400 pgs.
    The History of Georgia by Charles Colcock Jones - 595 pgs.
    The History of Georgia by Capt. Hugh McCall - 407 pgs.
    The History of Georgia Methodism from 1796 to 1896 by George Smith - 457 pgs.
    The History of Methodism in Georgia and Florida by George Smith - 601 pgs.
    The History of the Woman’s Club Movement in America by Jane Croly - 456 pgs.
    The Mission History and Times of the Farmers Union by Charles Barrett - 433 pgs.
    The Story of Georgia and the Georgia People by George Gilman Smith - 699 pgs.


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The First Families Project - Cobb County, Georgia
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