The First Families Project
Richmond County, SC


This is an on-going project to research and publish information on the first families of Richmond County, Georgia. Today this metropolitan area is known as the Central Savannah River Area or CSRA and has a population of 400,000.

This project focuses on the families who were in the area prior to 1800.

We have identified 659 surnames (with about 25 more variations in spellings) making up the 1,066 families and the 11,644 people living in Richmond county in 1830.

This CDROM contains surname folders on all of these surnames. Some have just a few pages and others contain hundreds. Not all of the notes have connections to Richmond County, but the information is designed to help you research your family both before and after the family was in Richmond County.

Also included on the CDROM:

    A History of Edgefield County by John A. Chapman
    The 1790 Census of Edgefield County
    Memorial History of Augusta, GA
    Memorial of the Centennial Anniversary of First Presbyterian Church
    A Lost Arcadia
    Early and current maps
    Bibliography for additional research


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The First Families Project - Richmond County, Georgia
    by John C. Rigdon
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