Georgia in the War


This book was compiled during and immediately after the Civil War and contains many details not found elsewhere on the organization of the various regiments formed in Georgia. Later findings have added to many of the details, but this book remains a prime source - particularly for identifying where regiments were formed, who the officers were, and the losses sustained in battle and from disease.

Our edition also contains numerous footnotes to the original with discussion of the accuracy of various records.

    PUBLISHER: Foote & Davies - Atlanta, GA - 1865

Table of Contents

History of Georgia from 1732 - 1909
Governors of Georgia with dates of tenure
Counties of Georgia with dates of founding
Military Organizations, Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery in the Confederate Army
General Officers appointed from Georgia and their commands
General Officers in state service of Georgia
Officers of the Confederate Navy from Georgia
Members of the Confederate Congress from Georgia
List of Campaigns, battles, affairs, and skirmishes fought in Georgia
Names of the Georgia Officers and Soldiers on the Roll of Honor
Names of the Officers of the Union units formed in Georgia
Local designations of Georgia Troops in Confederate Service

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Georgia in the War
by Charles Edgeworth Jones
175 pgs.
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Georgia in the War
Georgia in the War
Georgia in the War
Georgia in the War

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