Boys Went Forth to War


Boys Went Forth to War

This book is a history of the Georgia Military Institute Cadets and their participation in the Civil War. The Cadets of the GMI were 14 - 18 year old boys who were responsible early on for training troops for service in the Confederate Army. Later in the war, when Sherman threatened Atlanta, the boys were mustered out and saw battle first at Resaca, then throughout the Atlanta and Carolina's campaign.

This book traces the steps of the Cadets of the Georgia Military Institute through the Civil War from the inception of the Institute in 1853 to the surrender at Augusta, Ga in 1865 and beyond with biographies and genealogical notes on the men who attended the Institute.

The GMI cadets had the distinction of receiving the final order of a Confederate General:

Upon the zeal and honor of this battalion
rests the good name of their state
and the safety of Augusta.
Maj. Gen. Lafayette McClaws
Order dated May 1, 1865

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Boys Went Forth to War
    Rigdon, John C.

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