How to Install
Ebooks for Kindle


The Kindle supports the following document formats -

Kindle documents (.azw)
Text documents (.txt)
Mobi Reader documents (.mobi or .prc)
For a book you have on your computer:
1. Create an e-mail to your Kindle e-mail address and attach the file you wish to read on your Kindle.
2. Send the e-mail - Amazon will send it to your Kindle via the wireless connection.
3. The cost for this service is $.10 (ten cents) per document.
If you wish to avoid the $.10 (ten cents) charge or you are in an area where you cannot access the Kindle's wireless service, you can transfer the document to your Kindle using the USB cable connected to your computer. The Kindle will appear as another hard drive attached to your computer. Simply drag and drop the document to the Kindle.








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