We Fought

At Kennesaw
June 18-27, 1864


While many accounts have been written of the battle of Kennesaw Mountain and the Atlanta Campaign, this book takes a different approach, telling the story of the battle in the words of the men who were actually there and fought. This book gives accounts of the events which occurred in June, 1864 including Pine Mountain, Pine Knob, Kolb's Farm, McAfee's, Golgotha, Lattimer and Powder Springs.


The Men Who Fought at Kennesaw
A Tribute
Timeline of the Atlanta Campaign
Sherman's Finest Nightmare
How the Officers Reported the Battle
The Account of Maj. Fredrick C. Winkler.
    Wisconsin 26th Infantry Regiment
The Account of Lt. Col. R. A. Fulton
    Ohio 53rd Infantry Regiment
The Account of Capt. W. E. Calhoun
    Georgia 42nd Infantry Regiment
An Account of Capt. John M. Hickey
    Missouri 6th Infantry Regiment
The Report of the Alabama 1st Infantry Regiment
    Gen. Walthall & Gen. Quarles
The Account of Col. J. N. Wyatt
    Tennessee 12th Infantry Regiment
The View from the Battle Line
The Georgia 63rd Infantry Regiment
The Account of Charles Wallick
    Indiana 87th Infantry Regiment
The Account of Sam Watkins
    Tennessee 1st Infantry Regiment
The Account of Thomas M. Cobb
    Missouri 2nd Infantry Regiment
The Account of George Little
    LumsdenÓ³ Alabama Battery
An Account of Corporal J. T. McBride
    Mississippi 45th Infantry Regiment
The Account of Samuel Robinson
    Tennessee 1st Infantry Regiment
An Account of George W. Daniel
    Mississippi 29th Infantry Regiment
An Account of Lieut. Isaac Lightner
    Missouri 10th Artillery Battery
An Account of William N. Johns
    Tennessee 1st Infantry Regiment
An Account of William H. Parks
    Tennessee 12th Infantry Regiment
The Death of General Polk
Hey, Mister. Here's Your Mule
Casualties at Kennesaw
The Confederate Cemetery
Confederate Casualties
The Marietta National Cemetery
Union Casualties
Confederate Order of Battle
Union Order of Battle
We Fought at Kennesaw
187 pgs.
Available in paperback, hardback, and EBOOK formats

For more detailed study of the Atlanta Campaign and the events leading up to and surrounding this key battle, we have also prepared a companion CD-ROM which contains over 1,000 additional pages of original source material and analysis of the battle. The CD includes biographies of the officers of both the Union and Confederate armies, casualty lists, photographs, maps, the Official Records Volumes which deal with the Atlanta Campaign, and additional memoirs of the men who participated in the battle along with an extensive bibliography to aid in your research.


An expanded version of the book, We Fought at Kennesaw with a more complete casualty list and biograpical sketches of the officers (many with photos).
The Official Records Vol. 38 which deals with the Atlanta Campaign
The Memoirs of Gen. W. T. Sherman
Maps of Kennesaw and the Atlanta Campaign
Burial list - Confederate Cemetery, Marietta, GA
Burial list - Marietta National Cemetery - Civil War soldiers only
Bibliography of the Atlanta Campaign

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