May 18 - July 4, 1864


The Kennesaw Mountain corridor covers an area that is 30 miles wide and 60 miles long encompassing more than 1500 miles. While you can traverse the area in an afternoon, the breadth and depth of resources for detailed study of this area and the events which occurred here can bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

This interactive tour includes over 200 sites identified in the greater Marietta area. "Points of Interest" files for both Garmin and Tom-Tom GPS devices make the driving tour fun and easy to navigate the more than 1,500 square miles which encompassed the battles and skirmishes in north Georgia in May and June of 1864 that culminated in the battle of Kennesaw Mountain.

The tour covers points in Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton, Paulding and Bartow counties including the battles of Dallas, New Hope Church, Pickett's Mill, Kennesaw Mountain and Kolb's Farm. You may choose to visit only the Civil War related sites or include such world famous and important landmarks as the "Big Chicken."

The database which is the heart of this innovative product includes the text of all the Historical Markers in the area along with the GPS coordinates allowing you to do a virtual tour using Google Earth and compare current and period photographs side by side. It also links to on-line sites and books including local histories and first hand accounts all linked by the GPS coordinates so you can enjoy the "We Were There" accounts in a way never before possible.

A Baker's Dozen Important Sites

New Hope Church
Pickett's Mill
Pine Mountain
Lost Mountain & Gilgal Church
Noonday Creek
Kennesaw Mountain
Pigeon Hill
Cheatham Hill
Kolb's Farm
The Marietta Confederate Cemetery
The Marietta National Cemetery
The Marietta Railroad Museum
The Marietta Historical Museum
The Gone With the Wind Museum
The Georgia Military Institute and Camp McDonald

Along the way from the Etowah River south of Cartersville to the Chattahoochee River north and west of Atlanta we've also included over 200 other sites relating to the Civil War and another 50 or so of general historical interest. All have the GPS coordinates so you can locate the exact spot the event occurred and many feature Historical Markers.

Our tour guide goes beyond the historical markers to provide much more detail from local histories and first hand accounts.

To properly use the Kennesaw Driving Guide you will need a Garmin or Tom-Tom GPS devise. A laptop computer or an Ebook Reader such as the Kindle will also allow you to experience the "We Were There" first hand accounts in a way never before possible.

Visit our site "Tour Kennesaw" for a virtual tour. Experience the accounts, view the sites in Google Earth, and trace the steps of the armies as they traversed the area.

Kennesaw Driving Tour
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