We Fought At Knoxville


Tennessee saw more battles than any state except Virginia - 38 major conflicts and more than 3,000 other "military actions," Those actions include such well-known East Tennessee incidents as the siege of Knoxville and the Chattanooga campaign, along with such unsung tales as the bridge burnings of November 1861 and other clashes between Confederates defending their homes and the Unionist invaders.

While a number of general histories of the war have been written of the Siege of Knoxville, this book takes a different approach, telling the story of the battle in the words of the men who were actually there. This book gives accounts of the events which occurred primarily from October, 1863 January 1864 in East Tennessee including Campbell's Station, Bean's Station, Mossy Creek, Dandridge and Fair Garden.

The Siege of Knoxville TimeLine
Origin Of The Conquered Banner"
Burnside's Headquarters
Longstreet's Headquarters
Longstreet at Knoxville
The Knoxville Campaign
Kershaw's Brigade
The Account of J. L. Lemon
The Account of N. Augustus Parker
The Account of Robert M. Frierson
The Account of Abram A. Fulkerson
The Account of W. Gart Johnson
The Account of George W. Youngblood
Diary of B. L. Ridley
An account of Frank Moody
An Account of J. R. Reynolds
An Account of Major Towson Ellis
An Account of John E. Brown
An Address of Charles T. Cates, Jr.
Hey, Mister. Heres Your Mule
An Account of Dr. G. C. Sandusky
The Account of J. B. Polley
The Account of B. F. Allison
The Account of F. M. Colston
The Account of W. H. Cummings
An Account of W. H. Reynolds
An Account of R. Sullivant
An Account of Joseph B. Briggs
An Account of R. W. Norton
An Account of John L. Odom
An Account of F. M. Kelso
Members of the Confederate 600
The Last Letter of Ephraim Shelby Dodd
An Account of Seaborn Disheroon
The Account of John M. Berry
An Account of Dr. Fielding Pope Sloan
An Account of Fort W. Butler
An Account of William Newby
An Account of Johnnie Radcliff
An Account of Shackelfords Cavalry
The Account of Rev. Edward O. Guerrant
The Account of Joseph Hetterphran
The Account of John A. Bateson
Casualties at Knoxville
The Union Army
The Confederate Army
Confederate Order of Battle
Union Order of Battle
Index to Confederate Units
Index to Union Units
We Fought at Knoxville
200 pgs.
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For more detailed study of the Siege of Knoxville Campaign and the events leading up to and surrounding this key battle, we have also prepared a companion CD-ROM which contains over 12,000 additional pages of original source material and analysis of the battle. The CD includes biographies of the officers of both the Union and Confederate armies, casualty lists, photographs, maps, the Official Records Volumes which deal with the Knoxville Campaign, and additional memoirs of the men who participated in the battle along with an extensive bibliography to aid in your research.


An expanded version of the book, We Fought at Knoxville with a more complete casualty list and biograpical sketches of the officers (many with photos).

The Official Records Volumes 30 & 31 which deal with the Knoxville Campaign
Excerpts from Confederate Veteran Magazine
Excerpts from Battles and Leaders of the Civil War
From Manassas to Appomattox by Gen. James E. Longstreet 785 pgs.
Major General Ambrose E. Burnside and the Ninth Army Corps by Augustus Woodbury 625 pgs.
The Life and Public Services of Ambrose E. Burnside by Ben Perley Poore 464 pgs.
Military Memoirs of a Confederate by E. Porter Alexander 675 pgs.
Gen. Joseph Wheeler and the Army of Tennessee by John Witherspoon Dubose 497 pgs.
Campaigns of Wheeler and His Cavalry by William Carey Dodson 668 pgs.
The American Civil War. By E. Porter Alexander 683 pgs.
East Tennessee and the Civil War by Oliver Perry Temple 630 pgs.
History of Tennessee by William Robertson Garrett 371 pgs.
Standard History of Knoxville by William Rule 611 pgs.
Maps of East Tennessee and the Knoxville Campaign
Burial list Bethel Cemetery, Knoxville, TN
Burial list Knoxville National Cemetery Civil War soldiers only
Extended Bibliography of the Knoxville Campaign

We Fought at Knoxville
200 pgs.
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