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South Carolina Women in the Confederacy

by Mrs. A. T. Smythe
389 pgs.

From the Introduction... Carlo Botta, the Italian historian, in his History of the War for Independence, says: "In that fierce struggle, the War of the American Revolution, the women of Carolina presented an example of fortitude more than manly. I know not the history, ancient or modern, which has recorded a story of devotion exceeding or equaling that exhibited by these heroic beings to their American country. Far from considering the epithet a reproach, they gloried and exulted in the name of Rebel women. Their example was inspiring, and it is owing principally to the firmness of these patriotic Carolinians that the name, as well as the love of liberty, was not extinguished in the Southern States." The purpose of this book is to record, in part, the work of South Carolina women during the War for Southern Independence, not only in making banners, "binding her warriors' sash," and those offices in which the cold-blooded materialist classifies as "sentimental"; but woman as a potent factor in furnishing food and clothing for the men of the battle line, and for the wounded and dying in the hospital. The records in this book were collected by Mrs. A. T. Smythe, Miss M. B. Poppenheim and Mrs. Thomas Taylor. It was originally published in 1903 in two volumes. Our edition is 413 pages. Paperback binding.

South Carolina Women in the Confederacy
Paperback - $35.00

Mrs. A. T. Smythe
South Carolina Women in the Confederacy
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