Civil War Soldiers

Service Records


This CD contain service records of Maryland soldiers. It includes notes and reference material gathered from many sources.

On these CDs you will find information on approximately 59,000 men who served in the war from Maryland. For each unit you will also find an extensive bibliography of available books to aid in your research.

Many of the men included on this CD have biographical sketches, burial records, and genealogical information not found in the microfilmed service records.


The Marlyand Line In the Confederate Army

Roster of Maryland Volunteers Vol. 1
Roster of Maryland Volunteers Vol. 2

Microfilm Images

Algiers Battalion, Militia Assumption Regiment, Militia Bonnabel Guards, Militia Beauregard Regiment, Militia Beauregard Battalion, Militia Bragg's Battalion, Militia British Guard Battalion, Militia Catahoula Battalion Cazadores Espanoles Regiment, Militia Chalmette Regiment, Militia Claiborne Regiment, Militia Confederate Guards Regiment, Militia Consolidated Crescent Regiment, Infantry Continental Cadets, Militia Continental Regiment, Militia Crescent Cadets, Militia Crescent Regiment, Infantry Fire Battalion, Militia Irish Regiment, Militia Jackson Rifle Battalion, Militia Jeff Davis Regiment, Infantry lafourche Regiment, Militia Leeds' Guards Battalion, Militia Lewis Regiment Louisiana and Government Employees Regiment Mechanics Guard, Militia Miles' Legion Orleans Fire Regiment, Militia Orleans Guards Regiment, Militia Pointe Coupee Regiment, Militia St. James Regiment, Militia C. S. Zouave Battalion, Volunteers Capt. Barr's Independent Co. (Blakesley's Guards), Militia Capt. Bickham's Co. (Caddo Militia) Capt. Brenan's Co. (Company A, Shamrock Guards), Militia French Co. of St. James, Militia Capt. Herrick's Co. (Orleans Blues) Capt. Knap's Co. (Fausse River Guards), Militia Lartigue's Co. (Bienville Guards), Militia Capt. McArthur's Co. (Sabine Rifles) Capt. McLean's Co. (Benj. McCulloch Rangers) Capt. Mooney's Co. (Saddler's Guards), Militia Moreau Guards, Militia Capt. Noble's Co. (Plauche Guards), Militia Capt. O'Hara's Co. (Pelican Guards, Company B) Capt. Otero's Coc (Titterton's Guards), Militia Stanley Guards, Co. B, Militia Capt. Sugi's Co., Sappers and Miners, Militia Miscellaneous, Louisiana Officers, Miscellaneous Organizations MARYLAND First Cavalry Second Battalion, Cavalry First through Fourth Battery, Artillery First Infantry Second Battalion, Infantry Weston's Battalion. Capt. Walter's Co. (Zarvona's Zouaves) Miscellaneous, Maryland

Volume: Reel 0072 - Compiled records showing service of military units in volunteer Union organizations - MARYLAND

First Cavalry First Potomac Home Brigade, Cavalry Second Cavalry (6 Months, 1863-64) Third Cavalry Purnell Legion, Cavalry Capt. Smith's Independent Co., Cavalry First Light Artillery Battery A, Junior Light Artillery (6 Months, 1863-64 Battery B, Light Artillery (6 Months, 1863-64) Baltimore Battery, Light Artillery First Infantry First Eastern Shore Infantry

Volume: Reel 0073 - Compiled records showing service of military units in volunteer Union organizations - MARYLAND

Second Infantry Second Eastern Shore Infantry Second Potomac Home Brigade, Infantry Third Infantry Third Potomac Home Brigade, Infantry Fourth Infantry Fourth Potomac Home Brigade, Infantry

Volume: Reel 0074 - Compiled records showing service of military units in volunteer Union organizations - MARYLAND

Fifth Infantry through Thirteenth Infantry Baltimore Light Infantry, Volunteers Purnell Legion, Infantry Capt. McGovan's Independent Co., Patapsco Guards, Volunteers

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