The Civil War
In Texas


Our objective in creating The Civil War in Texas CD-ROM is to gather together in one place as many of the original records as we can pertaining to the war, and Texas's participation.

The portions presented on line are a representative of the kinds of information contained on the CD-ROM. As a single CD-ROM can hold over 600 megabytes of data (equivalent to 300,000 typed pages), the materials found here are just a fraction of what is to be found on the CD-ROM.

Contents of the CD-ROM

  • Outline sketches of the history of all 308 military organizations formed from Texas

  • Full regimental histories of many of the regiments - reprints of books written shortly after the war and out of print for over a hundred years

      Hughes, W. E. - The Journal of a Grandfather
      Barron, S. B. - The Lone Star Defenders
      Polk, J. M. - The Confederate Soldier and Ten Years in South America
      Dodd, Ephraim Shelby - Diary of Ephraim Shelby Dodd
      Sparks, A. W. - The War Between the States as I Saw It
      Graves, H. A. - Andrew Jackson Potter, the Fighting Parson of the Tesas Frontier
      Williams, E. W. - With the Border Ruffians
  • Rosters of many of the companies showing their officers and enlisted men

  • Timeline of the war in Texas

  • Timeline of the war showing participation of Texas troops

  • Biographies and genealogies of men from Texas who served in the war

  • Links to on line sites with data about the war and Texas.

  • The CD-ROM is designed to be used with your internet browser accessing both local and on-line data.

  • The Complete text of Confederate Military History - Vol. 10 by Gen. Orin M. Roberts which deals with Texas. This edition is in HTML format and hyperlinked to page to make research easy.

  • Descriptions of the battles, showing regimental losses where known, and maps of the battlefields.

    The Civil War in Texas CD-ROM
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