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Military Reminiscences Of The Civil War
Cox, Jacob Dolson, A.M., Ll.D.
Decidedly pro union, but written from a scholarly standpoint, this book offers some of the best first hand accounts of the war in Georgia and the Carolinas. Excerpt from page 278..."In the midst of the severest suffering of the army from cold and want, General Grant came in person to inspect the condition of affairs in East Tennessee. He reached Knoxville on the 30th of December, and after spending two or three days with General Foster, came up to Strawberry Plains. The first intensity of the cold wave had passed by, but it was still "zero weather" when he came: indeed he had waited in Knoxville for a little moderating of the temperature, but finding that it continued very cold, his desire to complete the inspection hurried him on."
#07011 268 pgs.


Report Of Major General John Pope
Pope, John
Subtitle..."Letter from the secretary of war, in answer to resolution of the House of 18th ultimo, transmitting copy of report of Major General John Pope. March 3, 1863. Laid on the table and ordered to be printed." This is Pope's report to Congress about progress (actually lack thereof) of the Civil War.
#07012 260 pgs.


The Army of the Cumberland. Cist, Henry.

The Campaign of Chancellorsville. Dodge, Theodore.

Captains of the Civil War: a Chronicle of the Blue and the Gray. Wood, William

The Great Conspiracy, a History of the Civil War. Logan, John #06009 616 pgs. CD-ROM $15.00

Letters of Ulysses S. Grant to His Father and His Youngest Sister 1857-1878. Cranmer, Jesse Grant, Editor. #06010 218 pgs. PB $15.00 CD-ROM $15.00 A collection of letters by a puzzling figure in American public life. He was a failure in his early ventures in both business and military life, yet in four years of commanding Union forces he climbed to the highest rank in the U.S. Army. On the other hand, his two terms as president are considered by many historians to be the most corrupt in the countryís history and yet from accounts of Grantís contemporaries, he was a person of strong character and considerable dignity.

John Wilkes Booth. Townsend, George Alfred 108 pgs. Paperback $12.00 CD-ROM $15.00

On the Trail of Grant and Lee. Hill, Frederick Trevor 305 Pgs. Paperback $25.00 CD-ROM $15.00 A Narrative History of Their Boyhood and Manhood etc. etc.

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