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SC - Aiken County Cemetery

Bethany Cemetery

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Bethany Cemetery
Hwy. #19 North, Aiken, Aiken County, SC
N33 34.200 , w81 43.067


    Located at the intersection of SC Hwy # 19 North and Hampton Avenue. Laurens Street and Hampton Avenue.


    This cemetery contains 75 known Confederate Veterans:

Albrand, J.F.No Service Record found.
Alderman, OwenNo Service Record found.
Arthurs, William FrancisColcock's Infantry
Ashley, Gaines2nd. South Carolina ArtilleryH
Badger, J.B. J only1st. Regt. Rifle SC Mil or 2 Josephs 1st. charleston, Co I 27th.
Beckman, James H.No Service Record found.
Brown, Augustus A.3rd. GA Inf. or Lt. Art. Milledges Co.I
Bull, Charles P.23rd. South Carolina InfantryA
Burckhalter, Andrew14th. South Carolina InfantryH
Burckhalter, Hudson B./ed Roster
Busch, J.H./ed Roster
Carman, John B./ed Roster
Cave, Hugena R.Allen's Militia
Chafee, N.G.B./ed Roster
Courtney, Robert14th. South Carolina InfantryH
Crosland, James E.Holcombe's Legion InfantryD
Cuthbert, Lucius/ed Roster
Dow, John R. RevWalpole's Co. SC Cavalry
Dyer, Williambunch
Emanuel, PhillipHampton's Legion InfantryA
Eubanks, I. Newton14th. South Carolina InfantryH
Glover, Christopher C.19th. South Carolina InfantryB
Harbers, W.H. Dr.Werner Co. SC Mil Art. 1st. Regt. or
Harrold, Joseph Coles/ed Roster
Henderson (no s), Daniel S.16th. South Carolina InfantryK
Henderson, Calloway7th. South Carolina InfantryF
Hines, Joseph Henry7th.BN GA Cav.(H only) D3rd BN Lt Art no hB
Hoffman, W.T./ed Roster
Johnson, D.7th. South Carolina InfantryF
Jordan, James14th. South Carolina InfantryH
Klatte, Chistel (C)German ArtilleryB
Lamar, Thomas G.2nd. South Carolina ArtilleryB
Landrum, F. Benjamin24th. SC InfI
Loomis, John Harvey4th. South Carolina InfantryB
Lorenz, John P.2nd. Georgia InfantryD
Lupo, Phillip W.5th. South Carolina ReservesD
Marjenhoff, John (J)German Artillery / Mil Art. 1st Regt. Harm's CoB
McCarter, William E.(we2nd. SC Inf. / H 18th SC Inf.A
McCrackan, William A. RevMerriweather's Battalion SC InfG
McCreary, Robert Wm2nd. South Carolina State TroopsK
McEwen, D.F. (dwight)2nd. South Carolina Cavalry MusicI
Morgan, Thomas C.24th. South Carolina InfantryK
Moseley, Barnwell W./ed roster
Moseley, Gideon C./ed Roster
Norris, Percival S.South Carolina BN State CadetsB
Pardue, John S.4th SC Cav/ A 10th BN SC Cav/ G SC Lt Art 3rd BNH
Powell, James1st SC Art / A 12th. Cav BNI
Powell, Robert (3)15th Inf / H 7th SC Inf / 2nd Lt C 2nd SC RiflesE
Powell, William (9)
Price, Quincy14th.South Carolina InfantryH
Quattlebaum, Claud G.Palmetto SharpshooterF
Rambo, J. Clinton7th. South Carolina InfantryG
Sanders, Alfred Wm/ed Roster
Seigler, Aquilla change7th. SC Infantry Co D 22nd SC InfF
Seigler, Edward7th. South Carolina InfantryF
Senn, William Richard2oth. SCH
Staubes, Charles L.South Carolin Infantry Spanish American WarL
Staubes, John3rd. Regiment SC Infantry
Toole, G.L. to wife? Gasper Loren/ed roster
Turnbull, William4th GA Res/E 43rd GA InfC
Turner, Robert Earl (E)12th VA InfC
Tygert, William/ed Roster
Tyler, Martin V.2nd Mississippi Part. RangersA
Unknown, between wade and price
Vincent, Howard E.Parker's Co. SC Light Artillery
Wade, John Clahounbunch of John C.
Wallace, Harry Edwin Sr/ed roster
Weatherford, Arthur O/ed roster
Weathersbee, JP/ed roster
Wells, J.E.22nd. SC Inf.I
Wood, E.J.C./ed roster
Wright Rev., JohnNelson (N)3rd SC InfE
Wyman Dr., Benjamin F.8th GA Inf / (BF) Capt F 11th SC InfF
Wyman MD, Harry Hasting11th South Carolina InfantryF
Wyman, E. Holbrook11th. South Carolina InfantryF


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