First Families
Henry County

There was a land of Cavaliers
and Cotton Fields
called the "Old South."

Here in this pretty world,
Gallantry took its last bow.
Here was the last ever to be seen
of Knights and their Ladies Fair,
of Master and of Slave.
Look for it only in books,
for it is no more than a dream remembered,
a Civilization

gone with the wind...

Henry County, Georgia was created by the Georgia State Legislature in 1821 from land acquired from the Creek Indian Nation by the First Treaty of Indian Springs. It was named in honor of Patrick Henry and its  county  seat after  Commodore  Thomas  McDon-
ough. Both were patriots of the first order and men of faith.



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First Families of Henry County, GA
    by John Rigdon
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Country Life in Georgia in the Days of My Youth
     by Rebecca Felton Latimer
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The First Families Project
Henry County, GA

    John C. Rigdon
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