First Families of Edgefield County South Carolina


Please note that this index does NOT include all the names on this site. If a name is not in the index, it doesn't mean they are not on this site, all it means is they are not in the index. Indexing ALWAYS lags behind the writing of the narrative.
Blackwell, Charles 1790
Blackwell, Isiah 1790
Blair, Bershaba 1790
Blalock, Buckner WILL
Blalock, John WILL
Blalock, Reuben, WILL
Blan, Edwd. 1790
Bland, Presley WILL
Bland, Randal WILL
Blann, Ann 1790
Blaylock, Jams. 1790
Blaylock, John 1790
Bledsoe, Barlet 1790
Bledsoe, John 1790
Blocker, David WILL
Blocker, James, WILL
Blocker, John 1790
Blocker, John WILL
Blocker, Michael 1790
Blocker, Michel WILL
Boasman, Agnes 1790
Bodie, Nathan 1790
Bodie, Nathan WILL
Body, John 1790
Bolger, Elizabeth WILL
Boling, Jos. 1790
Boller, George 1790
Bolling, Tully WILL
Bolton, Henry 1790
Boly, Wm. 1790
Bones, James WILL
Boothe, James 1790
Boram, Higdon 1790
Borrum, Higdon WILL
Borrum, William WILL
Bortner, Lewis WILL
Bostick, John 1790
Bostick, John Jr 1790
Bostick, Stepn. 1790
Bostick, Toliver WILL
Bostick, Tolliver 1790
Bostick, Washington WILL
Boswell, David, WILL
Boton, Eliah 1790
Bouknight, Daniel WILL
Boulware, James WILL
Boulware, Spencer WILL
Bowers, David 1790
Bowers, David WILL
Bowers, David WILL
Bowers, Sarah 1790
Boyd, Edmund 1790
Boyd, Edmund WILL
Boyd, Edmund WILL
Boyd, Edmund FF11
Boyd, Henry WILL
Boyd, Henry KWILL
Boyd, John 1790
Boyd, John WILL
Boyd, John, WILL
Boyd, JohnWILL
Boyd, Susannah WILL
Bracknel, John WILL
Bradshaw, Jon. 1790
Bradshaw, Price 1790
Braford, Mosses 1790
Bramsey, Thomas WILL
Branner, Adam 1790
Branner, Rachel 1790
Brazeel, Sarah 1790
Brazel, Brittain 1790
Brazel, Valentine 1790
Breazeale, Enoch WILL
Breithaupt, Christian WILL
Briant, Elisha 1790
Bridgers, John 1790
Bridges, Sary WILL
Bridges, William WILL
Brigsti, Niclaus 1790
Brison, William 1790
Broadaway, John 1790
Broadhead 1790
Broadwater, Charles 1790
Broadwater, Scarborough 1790
Brooks, Christopher, Jr 1790
Brooks, Christopher, Sr 1790
Brooks, Jams 1790
Brooks, John 1790
Brooks, Jordon 1790
Brooks, Preston S.FF21
Brooks, Robt. 1790
Brooks, Whitfield WILL
Brooks, Wm. 1790
Brooks, Zachariah WILL
Brooks, Zachariah SmithFF21
Brown, Jacob 1790
Brown, James 1790
Brown, Joel FF11



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The First Families Project
Edgefield County, SC

    John C. Rigdon
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