First Families of Edgefield County South Carolina


Please note that this index does NOT include all the names on this site. If a name is not in the index, it doesn't mean they are not on this site, all it means is they are not in the index. Indexing ALWAYS lags behind the writing of the narrative.
Cagburn, John 1790
Cain, William WILL
Caldwell, William WILL
Callaham, Elizth. 1790
Callaham, John 1790
Calleham, Morris WILL
Calvert, John 1790
Calvert, William 1790
Camfield, Constant 1790
Campbell, Dunkin 1790
Campbell, James 1790
Cane, William 1790
Canfield, John WILL
Cannon, Mary 1790
Cantelow, Peter WILL
Caps, Barney 1790
Caps, Greenberry 1790
Caps, Matthew 1790
Caps, Michael 1790
Caps, William 1790
Carboe, Henry 1790
Carpenter, Adam WILL
Carrel, Jams. 1790
Carroll, Mary WILL
Carson, James 1790
Carson, James 1790
Carson, James WILL
Carson, John, WILL
Carson, Rev. JamesFF20
Carson, Thos. 1790
Carson, WadeFF20
Carson, William 1790
Carson, William WILL
Carter, Chars. 1790
Carter, Dudley 1790
Carter, Eliza WILL
Carter, James 1790
Carter, John 1790
Carter, Jon., Major 1790
Carter, Moses 1790
Carter, Nancy, WILL
Carter, Patience WILL
Carter, Patience WILL
Carter, Ralph 1790
Carter, Saml. 1790
Carter, Thomas, WILL
Carter, Tom, Capt. 1790
Carter, Wm. 1790
Cartledge, Isaiah WILL
Cary, Tim 1790
Cary, William WILL
Casey, John 1790
Cates, Hudley 1790
Cates, Jo 1790
Cates, Robin 1790
Cates, Thos. 1790
Cauch, Edwd. 1790
Cauley, Abner 1790
Cauley, Catlett 1790
Cauley, Catlett 1790
Cauley, James 1790
Cauley, Jon. Jr 1790
Cauley, Jon. Sr 1790
Cauley, Mikajah 1790
Cauley, Nathn. 1790
Cauley, Richd. 1790
Cauley, Sherewood 1790
Cauley, Volentine 1790
Cauley, Volentine 1790
Cauley, Zaechs. 1790
Cay, John 1790
Chadwick, David 1790
Chadwick, Lassaous 1790
Chaers, John 1790
Champaign, Henery 1790
Chancy, Rachel 1790
Chandler, Joel 1790
Chapman, Giles WILL
Chappel, Henry WILL
Chappell, John WILL
Chapple, Wm. 1790
Chastian, Peter 1790
Cheatham, Elizth. 1790
Cheatham, John WILL
Cheavensworth, M. 1790
Cheney, John 1790
Cherrey, John 1790
Childers, Thos. 1790
Childs, John 1790
Childs, Wm. 1790
Chiles, Henry WILL
China, George, 1790
Christian, Gideon WILL
Christian, Jesse WILL
Christian, Sarah WILL
Christie, Robert FF19
Christie, SimeonFF19
Christie, Susanah WILL
Clacker, John 1790
Clackler, Jacob 1790
Clackler, John WILL
Clackler, John WILL
Clark, Aaron 1790
Clark, Benjn. 1790
Clark, David WILL
Clark, Elizth. 1790
Clark, Henry WILL
Clark, James 1790
Clark, John 1790
Clark, John 1790
Clark, John WILL
Clark, John WILL
Clark, Lewis 1790
Clark, Lewis 1790
Clark, Lewis WILL
Clark, Lewis WILL
Clark, Margarett 1790
Clark, Moses 1790
Clark, Thomas 1790
Clark, Thos. 1790
Clark, William 1790
Clark, William, Jr. 1790
Clarke, Elizabeth WILL
Clarke, John WILL
Clary, Vachel 1790
Clem, John 1790
Clement, Obediah WILL
Clements, Zephsah. 1790
Cloud, Martin WILL
Cloud, Noah WILL
Coate, James WILL
Cobb, Thomas WILL
Cobbs, Delpha 1790
Cobbs, James Sr 1790
Cobbs, James, Jur 1790
Cobbs, Thos. 1790
Cochram, Matthw. 1790
Cochran, Robert, WILL
Cockerham, Benjamin WILL
Cockeron, Matt 1790
Cockerroff, Ogden 1790
Cockerroff, William 1790
Cogburn, Hannah, WILL
Cogburn, JesseWILL
Cogburn, Jessie WILL
Cogburn, John WILL
Cogburn, JohnWILL
Colbourn, Harman 1790
Colbreath, Jos. 1790
Coleman, Daniel WILL
Coleman, Edward WILL
Coleman, Francis 1790
Coleman, Mary WILL
Coleman, Mathew WILL
Coleman, Richard WILL
Coleman, Richd. 1790
Coleman, Thomas WILL
Coleman, Thomas Jefferson, Sr. WILL
Coleman, William WILL
Coleman, Wm. 1790
Collier, Edward WILL
Collier, Hillary WILL
Collier, Joseph 1790
Collier, Joseph WILL
Collier, William WILL
Collins, Caul 1790
Collins, Horatio WILL
Collins, John 1790
Collins, Lewis 1790
Collins, Thos. 1790
Collum, Uriah WILL
Colmon, John 1790
Colvert, William 1790
Colvin, Mary 1790
Combo, Steven 1790
Conner, Ann WILL
Conner, Thos. 1790
Coody, Edwd. 1790
Coody, James 1790
Cook, Jo 1790
Cook, John 1790
Cook, Jon. G. 1790
Cook, Samuel 1790
Cook, Samuel WILL
Cook, West 1790
Cook, William 1790
Cook, Wm. 1790
Cooksey, Andrew 1790
Cooksey, Jessee 1790
Cooksey, Josiah 1790
Cooper, Anthony 1790
Cooper, Charles WILL
Cooper, Chs. 1790
Cooper, Elizabeth WILL
Cooper, Reuben 1790
Cooper, Reuben WILL
Cooper, Timothy 1790
Cooper, Timothy WILL
Copeland, Richd. 1790
Copelin, Jessee 1790
Corchran, Juriah 1790
Corchran, Robt. 1790
Corley, Catlet WILL
Corley, Catlett WILL
Corley, Elizabeth WILL
Corley, Sarah WILL
Corley, Sherwood WILL
Cornett, Arney 1790
Cotney, Kiseah 1790
Cotton, John 1790
Cotton, Thos. 1790
Coursey, Jams. Capt. 1790
Coursey, John 1790
Coursey, Wm. 1790
Covington, John 1790
Covington, Wm. 1790
Cowen, George 1790
Cowhorn, William 1790
Cox, Anabert 1790
Cox, Cary 1790
Cox, Christopher 1790
Cox, Christopher WILL
Cox, Christopher, Sr. WILL
Cox, Clement WILL
Cox, Edmund 1790
Cox, Edmund WILL
Cox, EdmundWILL
Cox, James 1790
Cox, James WILL
Cox, JamesWILL
Cox, Solomon 1790
Cox, Toliver WILL
Cox, Tolliver 1790
Cox, William WILL
Cox, WilliamWILL
Cox, Wm. 1790
Crabtree, William 1790
Crafton, Archibald WILL
Crafton, Saml 1790
Crafton, Samuel WILL
Crevnis, Peter 1790
Crister, Robt. 1790
Crookshanks, John WILL
Cross, Featherston WILL
Crouch, Bailey 1790
Crouch, John WILL
Crouch, Tolliver 1790
Crouder , Isaac 1790
Crowther, Isaac WILL
Culbreath, Edwd. 1790
Culbreath, John WILL
Culbreath, Joseph WILL
Culclasher, 1790
Culp, David 1790
Culpepper, Joicy WILL
Cuney, Jon. 1790
Cunningham, Agnes WILL
Cunningham, Jo 1790
Cunningham, John 1790
Cunningham, Jos. 1790
Cunningham, Joseph WILL
Cunningham, Joseph WILL
Cunningham, Sarah WILL
Cureton , John 1790













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