First Families of Edgefield County South Carolina


Please note that this index does NOT include all the names on this site. If a name is not in the index, it doesn't mean they are not on this site, all it means is they are not in the index. Indexing ALWAYS lags behind the writing of the narrative.
Hagans, Mary 1790
Hagans, Thos. 1790
Hagens, Thomas WILL
Hagens, William WILL
Hager 1790
Hagood, Benjamin WILL
Hagood, George WILL
Haguewood, George 1790
Haguewood, John 1790
Haguewood, Wm. 1790
Haile, Henry 1790
Hall, Alexander WILL
Hall, Alexr. 1790
Hall, Clark 1790
Hall, Ezekiel WILL
Hall, James WILL
Hall, JamesWILL
Hall, Jon. 1790
Hall, Samuel 1790
Hall, Thomas WILL
Hall, Tibitha WILL
Hall, William 1790
Hall, William 1790
Ham, Wm. 1790
Hambelton, John 1790
Hamilton, David WILL
Hamilton, Richard WILL
Hamilton, William WILL
Hammett, Jonathan WILL
Hammond, Abner 1790
Hammond, Ann 1790
Hammond, Charles 1790 WILL FGS BIO
Hammond, Elisha BIO
Hammond, Harry BIO
Hammond, James Henry BIO
Hammond (Hammon), John 1790 WILL
Hammond, Joshua 1790
Hammond, LeroyWILL BIO
Hammond, Maryann 1790
Hammond, William BIO
Hammond, Young 1790
Hampton, John WILL
Hampton, Richard WILL 1790
Hancock, Martha WILL
Handcock, Jon. 1790
Hannah, Alexander WILL
Hanner, Alex 1790
Harden, William 1790
Hardy, John 1790
Hardy, John, WILL
Hardy, JohnWILL
Hardy, Richd. 1790
Haregrave, Charles 1790
Haregrove, James 1790
Haregrove, Mary 1790
Hargrove, Charles WILL
Hargrove, Temple WILL
Haris, Azeriah 1790
Harkins, Jams. 1790
Harkins, John 1790
Harklees, Andrew 1790
Harnden, John 1790
Harper, Patsey 1790
Harrey, Benjn. 1790
Harris, Jenkin 1790
Harris, John 1790
Harris, John 1790
Harris, Moses 1790
Harris, Moses WILL
Harrison, BemjaminWILL
Harrison, Benjamin WILL
Harrison, Edward WILL
Harrison, James 1790
Harrison, James 1790
Harrison, James WILL
Harrison, James WILL
Harrison, James, WILL
Harrison, Jessee 1790
Harrison, Robert WILL
Harrison, Robert WILL
Harry, Benjamin WILL
Hart, Hartwell 1790
Hart, James 1790
Hart, James WILL
Hart, Patience 1790
Hart, Thos. 1790
Harter, Adam WILL
Harvey, Jonathan 1790
Harvey, Setheniah 1790
Harvey, William WILL
Harvin, John WILL
Hatcher , John 1790
Hatcher , Lucy 1790
Hatcher , Robt. 1790
Hatcher, Benjamin WILL
Hatcher, John 1790
Hatcher, John WILL
Hatcher, Lucy WILL
Hatcher, Thos. 1790
Hatcher, Wilmirth 1790
Haver, Timothy 1790
Haverlin 1790
Havird, John WILL
Hawes, Spencer WILL
Haws, Isaac WILL
Hazel, John 1790
Hazle, Elizth. 1790
Hazle, Henry 1790
Hazle, Richd. 1790
Heard, George WILL
Hearn, Drury WILL
Henderson, Ely 1790
Henderson, Jams. 1790
Henderson, John 1790
Henderson, Nathanael WILL
Henderson, Nathl. 1790
Henderson, Nathn. 1790
Henderson, Obedeah 1790
Henderson, Richd. 1790
Henderson, Shadh. 1790
Henderson, Thos. 1790
Henderson, Wm. 1790
Hendshaw, Thos. 1790
Henry, Anthony 1790
Herbert, William WILL
Hern, Drury 1790
Herren, Aron 1790
Herrin, William 1790
Herrin, William WILL
Hester, David 1790
Hester, John 1790
Hester, John WILL
Hester, Letasha 1790
Hester, Thos. 1790
Hester, Wheeler 1790
Heter, John 1790
Hibbler, Jacob WILL
Hickman, Frederic 1790
Hicks, Charles WILL
Hicks, James WILL
Hicks, Pace 1790
Hightower, Benjamin WILL
Hightower, Joseph 1790
Hightower, Joseph WILL
Hightower, Richd. 1790
Hiles, Sophia WILL
Hill, Aaron WILL
Hill, Abil WILL
Hill, Ann 1790
Hill, Dannitt WILL
Hill, Dorcas, WILL
Hill, Enezer 1790
Hill, George 1790
Hill, Jesse WILL
Hill, Joel WILL
Hill, John 1790
Hill, John WILL
Hill, John WILL
Hill, John WILL
Hill, Lodwick 1790
Hill, Lodwick WILL
Hill, Mary WILL
Hill, MaryWILL
Hill, Samuel 1790
Hill, Theophilus WILL
Hill, Wm. 1790
Hillard, Peter 1790
Hinton, Allen 1790
Hinton, Allen, WILL
Hit, John 1790
Hitson, Edward 1790
Hitson, Jams. 1790
Hitt, Charlotte 1790
Hitt, John 1790
Hitt, Peter 1790
Hix, John 1790
Hix, Joseph 1790
Hogans, William, WILL
Hogg, John 1790
Hoggwood, Jams. 1790
Hohmes, Elizth. 1790
Holladay, James WILL
Holleway, Reubin 1790
Holley, James 1790
Hollimon, Edmund 1790
Hollingsworth, Alexander, WILL
Hollingsworth, James WILL
Hollingsworth, James, WILL
Hollingsworth, John WILL
Hollinsworth, James 1790
Holliway, Jon. 1790
Holloday, Wm. 1790
Holloway, Asa, WILL
Holloway, Caleb 1790
Holloway, Caleb WILL
Holloway, Caleb, Jr 1790
Holloway, ElijahWILL
Holloway, Jesse WILL
Holloway, JesseWILL
Holloway, John 1790
Holloway, John WILL
Holloway, Jon. 1790
Holloway, JordanWILL
Holloway, William WILL
Hollsway, Jams. 1790
Holmes, Edward 1790
Holmes, Edward WILL
Holmes, James 1790
Holmes, William WILL
Holms, Wm. 1790
Holsel, Thos. 1790
Holsenback, John 1790
Holsenback, Matthews 1790
Holsomback, John 1790
Holster, Mosses 1790
Holt, James 1790
Hooms, Frederic 1790
Hooms, John 1790
Hopkins, Jessee 1790
Hopkins, Stepn. 1790
Hopson, Morning 1790
Horn, George 1790
House, Jessee 1790
Howard, John 1790
Howard, John WILL
Howard, Richd. 1790
Howard, Samuel WILL
Howard, Seth 1790
Howel, Nathl. 1790
Howerton, James, WILL
Howl, William, Jr. 1790
Howl, William, Sr 1790
Howle, Esther WILL
Howle, Thoms H. 1790
Howle, William WILL
Howlett, Penix 1790
Hubanks, Lewis 1790
Hubbard, James WILL
Hubbs, John 1790
Hudnel, Ezekiel 1790
Hudson, James WILL
Hudson, Joshua 1790
Hudson, Peter 1790
Hudson, William WILL
Huff, Daniel 1790
Huff, John WILL
Hufman, John 1790
Hughbanks, John 1790
Hull, Gideon WILL
Humpes, William 1790
Hunter, Mary 1790
Hurrey, Thos. 1790
Huse, Mary 1790
Huskey, Isaac 1790
Huskey, Peter 1790
Huston, Ben 1790













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