First Families of Edgefield County South Carolina


Please note that this index does NOT include all the names on this site. If a name is not in the index, it doesn't mean they are not on this site, all it means is they are not in the index. Indexing ALWAYS lags behind the writing of the narrative.
Laborde, Peter WILL
Lain, Jon. 1790
Lake, Joseph WILL
Lakey, Thomas WILL
Lamar, James, WILL
Lamar, Jamima WILL
Lamar, Jeremiah WILL
Lamar, Lydia WILL
Lamar, Robert WILL
Lamar, Robt. 1790
Lamar, Thomas WILL
Lamar, Thomas WILL
Lamkin, Helen WILL
Lamkin, Peter WILL
Landrom, Reuben WILL
Landrorn, Absm. 1790
Landrorn, Charles 1790
Landrum, John WILL
Landrum, Samuel 1790
Landsdale, Alec 1790
Lane, Margaret 1790
Lane, Margaret WILL
Lang, James WILL
Lang, Robt. 1790
Langedon, Daniel 1790
Langlee, Josiah 1790
Langley, David, WILL
Langley, Josiah WILL
Langley, JosiahWILL
Lanham, Rezin, WILL
Lanier, Richard WILL
Laramon, Daniel 1790
Laremon, Edward WILL
Largant, William 1790
Largent, Thomas WILL
Lark, John WILL
Lasseter, Isaac WILL
Lavender, Chars. 1790
Lawson, Tom 1790
Leavenworth, Ann, WILL
Leavenworth, Melines WILL
Lee, Andrew 1790
Lee, Andrew WILL
Lee, AndrewWILL
Lee, Charles 1790
Lee, Thomas, WILL
Lee, Tom 1790
Lee, Wilson WILL
Leech, Anthy. 1790
Leftone, Edward WILL
Leg, William 1790
Leget, Allen 1790
Legget, Elias 1790
Lemar, James 1790
Lemar, Jemima 1790
Lemar, Jessee 1790
Lemar, Philip 1790
Lemar, Thos. 1790
Lemar, Thos. 1790
Lemon, Elizth. 1790
Lenear, Richd. 1790
Leopard, Jane 1790
Leopard, Manuel 1790
Leslie, Maria WILL
Lesuer, James WILL
Lesure, James 1790
Levingston, James 1790
Levis, William 1790
Lewis, Axum 1790
Lewis, Benjn. 1790
Lewis, Colol. Jon. 1790
Lewis, Gabriel 1790
Lewis, John 1790
Lewis, Joseph 1790
Lewis, Lucrecia 1790
Lewis, Mary 1790
Lewis, Richard, WILL
Lewis, Rozer 1790
Lewis, Samuel 1790
Lightfoot, Frances WILL
Lightfoot, Frank 1790
Lightfoot, Patsy WILL
Limbacker, Christian WILL
Limbech, Jonathan 1790
Limbecker, Christian 1790
Lindsey, Benjamin WILL
Lindsey, William WILL
Lipscomb, Joel 1790
Lipscomb, Nathn. 1790
Little, William 1790
Little, William WILL
Littleton, Thos. 1790
Lively, Thos. 1790
Livingston, James WILL
Loftin, John 1790
Lofton, Cornelious 1790
Lofton, Robert 1790
Lone, James 1790
Long, Arthur 1790
Long, Catharine WILL
Long, George WILL
Long, Henry 1790
Long, Jacob WILL
Long, Michael WILL
Longmire, Garett 1790
Longmire, John 1790
Longmire, John WILL
Longmire, William 1790
Lore, Jacob 1790
Lott, Emsley WILL
Lott, Jesse WILL
Lott, JesseWILL
Lott, Sarah 1790
Lott, Sarah WILL
Lott, SarahWILL
Low, Polly, WILL
Lowe, Bazzel 1790
Lowe, Dennis 1790
Lowe, Henry 1790
Lowe, Henry WILL
Lowe, James 1790
Lowe, James WILL
Lowe, John T. 1790
Lowe, Nicholas WILL
Lowe, Trecy WILL
Lower, Lucy 1790
Lowery, James WILL
Lowry, Lucy WILL
Lowry, Richard WILL
Lucas, Edith 1790
Lucas, John 1790
Lucas, John WILL
Lucas, Solomon 1790
Lucy & two children 1790
Lundy, Ceile 1790
Lundy, Zack 1790
Luvlace, Benjn. 1790
Lyles, David 1790
Lyon, Benjamin WILL
Lyon, Elizth. 1790
Lyon, John WILL
Lyon, Sam 1790













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