First Families of Edgefield County South Carolina


Please note that this index does NOT include all the names on this site. If a name is not in the index, it doesn't mean they are not on this site, all it means is they are not in the index. Indexing ALWAYS lags behind the writing of the narrative.

Maa, Williamson 1790
Mackey, Daniel 1790
Mackey, Michael 1790
Mackquarter, Moses, WILL
Mackquarter, MosesWILL
Macmurphy, George WILL
Maddox, Mordecai 1790
Mainyard, Nichs. 1790
Maire, Sam 1790
Mallett, John 1790
Malone, Mary WILL
Man, Elizabeth 1790
Man, Millington 1790
Mann, Elizabeth WILL
Mantz, Stephen 1790
Mantz, Stephen WILL
Marbury, Thos. 1790
Marchant, John WILL
Marcus, Ellis WILL
Mare, Donerick 1790
Mark, Caty 1790
Mark, Coonrood 1790
Mark, Henry 1790
Marlow, William WILL
Marquis, Daniel 1790
Marquis, Mary 1790
Marsh, Samuel 1790
Marsh, Samuel WILL
Marsh, Sarah 1790
Marsh, William 1790
Marshall, Howard WILL
Martin, Barkley 1790
Martin, Betty 1790
Martin, Betty WILL
Martin, Capt. Geo. 1790
Martin, Capt. John 1790
Martin, Charles 1790
Martin, Edmund 1790
Martin, Elijah 1790
Martin, George WILL
Martin, Jams. 1790
Martin, John WILL
Martin, John WILL
Martin, Joshua WILL
Martin, Marshal 1790
Martin, Mathew, WILL
Martin, Matt 1790
Martin, Obedeime 1790
Martin, Reeves 1790
Martin, Sarah WILL
Martin, Simon 1790
Martin, Thomas WILL
Martin, William 1790
Martin, William 1790
Martin, William WILL
Martin, William WILL
Martin, William WILL
Martin, Zachariah 1790
Martin, Zachh. 1790
Mash, Childs 1790
Mason, Elizabeth WILL
Mason, George 1790
Mason, Jams. R. 1790
Mathews, Drury WILL
Mathews, James WILL
Mathews, Lewis WILL
Mathews, Mourning, WILL
Mathews, Susanna WILL
Mathhews, Hardy, WILL
Mathis, James WILL
Matthews, Budd C.FF21
Matthews, David 1790
Matthews, Dreury 1790
Matthews, E. P.FF20
Matthews, HardyFF20
Matthews, Isaac 1790
Matthews, John 1790
Matthews, Moses 1790
Matthews, Susanah, WILL
Matthews, Wm. 1790
May, Ben 1790
May, James 1790
May, Philip 1790
May, Philip, Sr. 1790
Mayes, Stephen WILL
Maynard, James WILL
Mays, Abney WILL
Mays, James 1790
Mays, John 1790
Mays, John WILL
Mays, Mathew WILL
Mays, Samuel WILL
Mays, Samuel WILL
Mays, William WILL
Mays, William WILL
Maze, Abner 1790
Mc Gilton, James, WILL
McCane, Peter 1790
McCartney, Michael 1790
McCarty, Dennis 1790
McCarty, Edwd. 1790
McCarty, Jams. 1790
McCarty, Wm. 1790
McCary , Sam 1790
Mccary, Benjamin WILL
McCary, Benjn. 1790
McCary, Daniel 1790
Mccary, Dolly WILL
McCary, Elizth. 1790
McCary, Richd, Jr. 1790
McCary, Richd. Sr. 1790
McCay, Archb. 1790
McCay, John 1790
McClaen, Sarah 1790
McClurdon, Ezekiel 1790
McCombs, Robt. 1790
Mccoy, Elizabeth WILL
Mccrackan, James WILL
McCrelis, John 1790
Mccrelless, John WILL
Mcdaniel, Angus WILL
Mcdaniel, John WILL
McDogan, Jennet 1790
McDonald, Angursh 1790
McDonald, James 1790
McDonald, Jo 1790
McDonald, John 1790
McDonald, John 1790
McDonald, John 1790
McDonald, Martha 1790
McDonald, Mary 1790
McDonald, Tom 1790
McDonald, William 1790
McDonald, Wm. 1790
Mcfarland, Mary WILL
Mcfatrick, John WILL
McGehe, David 1790
Mcgennis, Hannah WILL
Mcginnis, Joseph WILL
Mcgregor, Alexander WILL
McGrue, Peter 1790
McKennady, Alexr. 1790
McKenney, Mordicae 1790
McKensey, Sam 1790
McKewn, Martha 1790
McKey, Michael 1790
Mckie, Daniel WILL
Mckiney, Roger WILL
Mclemore, James WILL
Mcleworth, Frances WILL
McLoan, James 1790
McMahan, Luke 1790
McManns, Jon. 1790
Mcmanus, Goddy WILL
Mcmillan, Matthew WILL
McMillion, Alexr. 1790
McMillion, Jams. 1790
McMillion, Matthew 1790
McPatric, Jon. 1790
McQueen, Jams. 1790
Mealing , Henry 1790
Mealing, Johh WILL
Mellon, ThomasFF19
Melton, Nathan WILL
Melton, Nathn. 1790
Melton, Robt. 1790
Melton, Susanna 1790
Melton, Wm. 1790
Merchant, Richd. 1790
Merewether, Thomas WILL
Meriwether, Francis WILL
Meriwether, Francis LaurensWILL
Meriwether, ThomasWILL
Merony, Nancy 1790
Messer, John 1790
Messer, Samuel 1790
Messersmith, John WILL
MesserSmith, John J. 1790
Meyer, Catharine WILL
Meyer, Elizabeth WILL
Meyer, Jonathan WILL
Meyer, Mary WILL
Middleton, John WILL
Midleton, Hugh 1790
Miers, David 1790
Miers, John 1790
Miles, Aquila WILL
Miles, Aquila, Esqr 1790
Miles, Margaret WILL
Miller, David 1790
Miller, Elezebeth, WILL
Miller, Elizth. 1790
Miller, Geo. 1790
Miller, George WILL
Miller, Jacob WILL
Miller, James 1790
Miller, John 1790
Miller, William 1790
Mills, James 1790
Mills, Sarah 1790
Mimmes, Drury 1790
Mimmes, John 1790
Mims, Beheathland WILL
Mims, David WILL
Mims, Drury WILL
Mims, Elizabeth WILL
Mims, M. WILL
Minchey, David 1790
Miner, Nichos. 1790
Miner, Nichs. 1790
Miniard, John WILL
Minter, JosephWILL
Minter, William WILL
Mire, Catherine 1790
Mire, Eley 1790
Mire, Elizth. 1790
Mire, Honour 1790
Mire, Jonathan 1790
Mitchel, Amos 1790
Mitchel, Reziah, WILL
Mitchell 1790
Mitchell, Daniel WILL
Mitchell, Flud 1790
Mitchell, Green WILL
Mitchell, KeziahWILL
Mitchell, Littleberry WILL
Mitchell, Mary WILL
Mitcher, Edward 1790
Mitchum, Isom 1790
Mitchum, Jessee 1790
Mitter, Joshua 1790
Mobley, Jeriah 1790
Mobley, John 1790
Mobley, John 1790
Mobley, Richard WILL
Mobley, Sarah WILL
Mobley, Whitfield WILL
Mock, Benjn. 1790
Mock, Charity 1790
Mock, George 1790
Mock, George WILL
Mock, John 1790
Monk, Thos. 1790
Moon, Jacob 1790
Moor, John Esq. 1790
Moore, Creswell WILL
Moore, James 1790
Moore, John WILL
Moore, Joseph WILL
Moore, Martha WILL
Moore, Patty WILL
Moore, Richard WILL
Moore, Richd. 1790
Moore, William WILL
Moore, Wm. 1790
Morgan, Elias WILL
Morgan, Enos 1790
Morgan, Evan 1790
Morgan, Evan WILL
Morgan, Evan, WILL
Morgan, Martin 1790
Morgan, Obadiah 1790
Morgan, Ozias, WILL
Morgan, Peter 1790
Morgan, Wm. 1790
Morris, James, WILL
Morris, Joseph WILL
Morris, Joseph WILL
Morris, William WILL
Morrison, James 1790
Morriss, Agnes 1790
Morriss, Jo 1790
Morriss, Peter 1790
Morriss, William 1790
Morriss, Wyat 1790
Morton, Thomas WILL
Mortus, Thos. 1790
Moseley, John WILL
Mosely, Benjamin WILL
Mosley, Geo. 1790
Mosley, James, WILL
Mosley, Jo 1790
Mosley, Jon. 1790
Mosley, Robert WILL
Mosley, Robt. 1790
Mosley, Robt. Sr. 1790
Moss, Huse 1790
Moss, Mary 1790
Moss, Rachel WILL
Munleroth, Frank 1790
Murfey, William, WILL
Murphey, Massey 1790
Murphy, Druery 1790
Murphy, Jams. Jr. 1790
Murphy, Jams. Sr. 1790
Murphy, John 1790
Murphy, Lewis, WILL
Murphy, William 1790
Murrah, Jams. 1790
Murrah, Thos. 1790
Murray, John 1790
Murrel, Benjamin WILL
Mustret, Samuel 1790
Myers, James WILL













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