First Families of Edgefield County South Carolina


Please note that this index does NOT include all the names on this site. If a name is not in the index, it doesn't mean they are not on this site, all it means is they are not in the index. Indexing ALWAYS lags behind the writing of the narrative.

Pace, Capt. Drury 1790
Pace, Mary 1790
Padget, Job 1790
Padget, Josiah 1790
Padgett, Dryden WILL
Palmer, Elles WILL
Palmer, Thomas WILL
Palmore, Elijzah 1790
Palmore, Elisha 1790
Palmore, Ellis 1790
Palmore, Thos. 1790
Pardieu, Fields 1790
Pardue, Joel WILL
Pardue, Lillerston 1790
Parker, Benjn. 1790
Parker, Daniel 1790
Parker, Daniel WILL
Parker, DanielWILL
Parker, Isaac 1790
Parker, Isaac WILL
Parker, Margaret 1790
Parker, Susanna 1790
Parkins, Milton WILL
Parkman, Elizabeth, WILL
Parkman, Henry 1790
Parkman, Henry Jr. 1790
Parks, RichardWILL
Parrish, Mary 1790
Partain, CharlesWILL
Partan, William 1790
Parten, Ben 1790
Parten, Britain 1790
Parten, Charles 1790
Partin, Charles WILL
Patterson, Alexr. 1790
Peart, James 1790
Pee, Henry 1790
Pennington, Thos. 1790
Perkins, Charles WILL
Perrean, George 1790
Perreen , Abn. Capt. 1790
Perrey, John 1790
Perrin, George WILL
Perrin, Robert WILL
Perrin, Sarah, WILL
Perrin, William WILL
Perry, Ezekiel WILL
Perryman, Mumford, WILL
Perryman, Numford 1790
Persel, Edmund 1790
Peterson, Thomas WILL
Phelphes, Moses 1790
Philips, John 1790
Philips, Micajah 1790
Phillips, John WILL
Phillips, Joseph WILL
Phillips, Micajah WILL
Philpots, John 1790
Philpott, Jo. 1790
Pickens, Andrew WILL
Pickett, James 1790
Pierce, Abraham 1790
Pierce, John 1790
Pierce, Thos. 1790
Pierce, William 1790
Pines, Sary 1790
Piper, George 1790
Piper, Willis, WILL
Pitts, David WILL
Pitts, Jessee 1790
Poe, Robt. 1790
Pointer, C. YeheetsFF19
Poll, John 1790
Pollock, Mary 1790
Pond, Richd. 1790
Pond, William 1790
Pope, ElizabethFF20
Pope, George WILL
Pope, GeorgeFF19 FF20
Pope, Jacob 1790
Pope, Jacob, WILL
Pope, Judge Y. J. FF19
Pope, MaryFF20
Pope, Sampson WILL
Pope, SampsonWILL FF19
Pope, Soln., Capt. 1790
Pope, Solomon WILL
Pope, SolomonWILL
Posey, Frances WILL
Posey, William WILL
Pounds, John 1790
Pow, James WILL
Pow, Lucy 1790
Pow, Robert, WILL
Powel, Charles 1790
Powel, John 1790
Powel, Nathaniel 1790
Powel, Thomas 1790
Powell, Charles WILL
Powell, John H.FF19
Powers, Wm. 1790
Prescot, Wm. 1790
Prescot, Wm. 1790
Price, John 1790
Price, Rease 1790
Pride, Oliver 1790
Prince, Daniel WILL
Prince, Edwd. 1790
Pruit, Dudley 1790
Pruit, Dudley WILL
Pryer, John 1790
Pryor, John WILL
Psalter, James 1790
Puckett , Jessee 1790
Pulley, Thos. 1790
Pursel, John 1790
Pursely, Andrew 1790
Pursley, John 1790
Pursley, William 1790
Purssell, Edmund, WILL
Purssell, John WILL
Purves, John WILL
Purvis, Jon. Colol. 1790
Pusley, Moses 1790
Pyburn, Benjn. 1790
Pyburn, Richd. 1790
Pyke, William 1790













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The First Families Project
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    John C. Rigdon
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