First Families of Edgefield County South Carolina


Please note that this index does NOT include all the names on this site. If a name is not in the index, it doesn't mean they are not on this site, all it means is they are not in the index. Indexing ALWAYS lags behind the writing of the narrative.

Raiben, William 1790
Raiford, Philip WILL
Rainford, John WILL
Rains, Robt. 1790
Rainsford, Thomas WILL
Rakestraw, John WILL
Ramage, James WILL
Rambo, Lawrence 1790
Rambo, Mary WILL
Rampy, Peter WILL
Ramsay, Matthew WILL
Ramsey, Barbara WILL
Ramsey, Elendon 1790
Ramsey, Ephraim, Esqr. 1790
Ramsey, Isaac 1790
Ramsey, Isaac Sr 1790
Ramsey, John WILL
Ramsey, John WILL
Ramsey, Saml. 1790
Ramsey, Thos. 1790
Randall, George WILL
Randol, George 1790
Ransey, Charles 1790
Ransford, John 1790
Rarden, Tim 1790
Ravencraft, William 1790
Rawls, Philip WILL
Ray, Elizabeth WILL
Ray, Zachh. 1790
Raybourn, Joseph WILL
Raybourn, JosephWILL
Rayburn, John 1790
Rayburn, Joseph 1790
Reavencraft, William WILL
Red, George, WILL
Reece, Joseph 1790
Reed, James 1790
Reed, Joseph 1790
Reed, Tom 1790
Reese, John WILL
Reid, John WILL
Reiser, George WILL
Ren, Wm. 1790
Rennolds, Elizth. 1790
Resioner, Valentine 1790
Reynolds, Benjn. 1790
Reynolds, Fielding 1790
Reynolds, Thomas WILL
Reynolds, ThomasFF19
Reynolds, Thos. 1790
Reynolds, Tom 1790
Reynolds, Wm. 1790
Rhode 1790
Rhoden, John, WILL
Rhodes, Ben 1790
Rhodes, Ben 1790
Rhodes, James 1790
Rhodes, John 1790
Rhodes, William 1790
Rhodes, William, WILL
Rich, Shadrachme 1790
Richardson, Abraham 1790
Richardson, Amos 1790
Richardson, Amos WILL
Richardson, Daniel WILL
Richardson, David WILL
Richardson, Jefferson WILL
Richardson, Jonathan 1790
Richardson, William WILL
Riche, Daniel 1790
Riddle, Thos. 1790
Ridings, David 1790
Ridley, Jon. 1790
Riley, James WILL
Riley, William WILL
Rinehart, John WILL
Ringlin, George 1790
Ripley, John 1790
Riser, George WILL
Rivers, John 1790
Rivers, John WILL
Rivers, John, Jur. 1790
Rivers, John, Senr 1790
Rivers, Jones 1790
Rivers, Mary WILL
Rixey, John 1790
Roberson, Allen 1790
Roberson, Charles 1790
Roberson, Elisha 1790
Roberson, Jo 1790
Roberson, Martha, WILL
Roberson, Moses 1790
Roberson, Randel 1790
Roberson, Thos. 1790
Roberson, William 1790
Roberson, Wm. Capt. 1790
Roberts, Absolom 1790
Roberts, Elizth. 1790
Roberts, Jerimiah 1790
Roberts, John 1790
Roberts, John 1790
Roberts, Mary 1790
Roberts, Reubin 1790
Roberts, Shelton WILL
Roberts, Thomas WILL
Roberts, Thomas, WILL
Robertson, Elisha WILL
Robertson, James WILL
Robertson, John WILL
Robertson, Moses WILL
Robertson, William WILL
Robertson, William WILL
Robertson, William WILL
Robinson, William WILL
Robuck, Ezekel 1790
Robuck, John 1790
Robuck, Robt. 1790
Robuck, Rolley 1790
Roe, Cornelis. 1790
Roe, Cornelous, WILL
Roe, David 1790
Roe, James 1790
Roebuck, Robert 1790
Rogers, Daniel 1790
Rogers, Daniel WILL
Rogers, Daniel WILL
Rogers, Daniel, Jr. 1790
Rogers, Ulysses 1790
Rogers, William WILL
Rolan, John 1790
Roper, Benjamin WILL
Roper, BenjaminWILL
Roper, Joel WILL
Roper, WileyWILL
Roper, William WILL
Roper, William, WILL
Roper, WilliamWILL
Rose, John 1790
Ross, James WILL
Ross, John 1790
Ross, Joseph 1790
Ross, Thomas WILL
Ross, Thos. 1790
Roswell , Gusts. 1790
Rotton, William 1790
Rotton, William WILL
Rouan, James 1790
Roundtree, Christian 1790
Roundtree, Jessee 1790
Roundtree, Jessy WILL
Rountree, Christian, WILL
Rountree, John, WILL
Rove, John 1790
Rowan, Wm. 1790
Rowe, Mary WILL
Rowel, Vincent 1790
Rowell, Edward WILL
Rozer, John 1790
Rozer, Shadrach 1790
Rozier, Isham WILL
Rudluph, Zublon, Jr. WILL
Rudulph, Zebulon, Sr.WILL
Rush, David 1790
Rush, Rev.FF20
Rushton, Gaines WILL
Russel, Palmore 1790
Russel, Robt. 1790
Russell, Timothy WILL
Rustin, Jams. 1790
Ruth, Jonathn 1790
Rutherford, Henry WILL
Rutherford, James WILL
Rutherford, Jams. 1790
Rutherford, Joseph WILL
Ryan, Benjamin WILL
Ryan, John WILL
Ryla, Samuel 1790
Rylus, Abraham 1790
Ryon, John 1790
Ryons, Ben Sr 1790<













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