First Families of Edgefield County South Carolina


Please note that this index does NOT include all the names on this site. If a name is not in the index, it doesn't mean they are not on this site, all it means is they are not in the index. Indexing ALWAYS lags behind the writing of the narrative.

Sales, Mary 1790
Salter, Benjn. 1790
Samuel, Robert WILL
Samuel, Robt. 1790
Sanders, James 1790
Sanders, William WILL
Sandridge, Larken 1790
Sanford, Jessee 1790
Satcher, Samuel WILL
Satcher, SamuelWILL
Saucree, Elvington 1790
Saulsworth, Wm. 1790
Saulter, John 1790
Savage, John 1790
Savage, Sam Jr 1790
Savage, Samuel WILL
Sawyer, Elkanah 1790
Sawyer, John 1790
Scoggins, Smith 1790
Scoggins, Willis 1790
Scoggins, Wm. 1790
Scot, Wm. 1790
Scott, Colemus 1790
Scott, Elizabeth WILL
Scott, James 1790
Scott, James WILL
Scott, Paddy 1790
Scott, Saml. 1790
Scott, Samuel WILL
Scott, SamuelWILL
Scott, Thos. 1790
Scrugs, Jessee 1790
Scurrey, Mary 1790
Scurry, Thomas WILL
Scurry, Thomas WILL
Scurry, William WILL
Scury, Jessee 1790
Seal, Michael 1790
Searle, John WILL
Segler, George 1790
Seiper, Bryant 1790
Self, Daniel WILL
Sellars, Howel 1790
Sellars, Thos. 1790
Sentell, Jonathan, WILL
Senter, Jonathan 1790
Senter, Sam 1790
Senter, Wm. 1790
Settles, Frances 1790
Shadwick, Isaac 1790
Shafter, Nicholus 1790
Sharpton, Jeptha WILL
Shaver, Michael 1790
Shavis, Hannah (Mollatto) 1790
Shaw, Christopher 1790
Shaw, David 1790
Shelnut, Caty 1790
Shelnut, Caty 1790
Shelnut, Henry, WILL
Shelton, Lewis WILL
Shely, Mathias WILL
Shepherd, James 1790
Shepherd, John 1790
Sherley, Absolom 1790
Sheveley, John 1790
Shibly, Jacob WILL
Shinholster, William 1790
Shipee, Phillip 1790
Ships, Phillip WILL
Shockley, David 1790
Shurley, Nathanl 1790
Siegler, David 1790
Sigler, George WILL
Sillavant, James 1790
Simkins, Arthur WILL
Simkins, Arthur, Esqr. 1790
Simkins, Eldred WILL
Simkins, Eliza WILL
Simkins, John, WILL
Simpkins, Jon. Capt. 1790
Simpkins, William 1790
Sindy (free Negroe) 1790
Sison, Frederic 1790
Sisson, Frederick WILL
Sizemore, James 1790
Slappy, Federick, WILL
Slappy, John WILL
Slater, John 1790
Smelley, John 1790
Smerder, Henry 1790
Smith, Claburn 1790
Smith, George 1790
Smith, George WILL
Smith, Jacob 1790
Smith, Jacob, WILL
Smith, James 1790
Smith, James WILL
Smith, James WILL
Smith, James WILL
Smith, John 1790
Smith, John 1790
Smith, John 1790
Smith, Luke WILL
Smith, Mark 1790
Smith, Mary 1790
Smith, Mary 1790
Smith, Radmel 1790
Smith, Sarah 1790
Smith, Sarah 1790
Smith, SimeonFF19
Smith, Stephen 1790
Smith, Thos. R. 1790
Smith, William 1790
Smith, William 1790
Smith, Zachh. 1790
Smyly, James WILL
Snalgrove, Edward WILL
Snead, John WILL
Snoden, Thos. 1790
Sotherlin, George 1790
Span, Jams., Esqr. 1790
Span, John 1790
Spann, Catherine Fox BIO
Spann, Elizabeth WILL
Spann, Henry WILL
Spann, John, WILL
Spears, Abraham 1790
Speeder, James 1790
Speeder, Sam 1790
Spraggans, Thos. 1790
Spraggans, Tom, Capt. 1790
Spraggins, Wm. 1790
Spragins, Thomas WILL
Spratt, John 1790
Sprice, Ghosper 1790
Stallworth, Thomas WILL
Stalsworth, William WILL
Stamper, Robert WILL
Star, John 1790
Starr, John WILL
Statmaker, Adam 1790
Statnaker, Sam 1790
Stefel, Capt. Jon. J. 1790
Stephen, Josiah 1790
Stephens, Abanatus 1790
Stephens, Elisha 1790
Stephens, John 1790
Stephens, John 1790
Stephens, Jon. 1790
Stephens, Silvanus 1790
Steuard, James 1790
Steuard, Wm. 1790
Stevens, Abraham WILL
Stevens, Benjamin WILL
Stevens, Elisha WILL
Stevens, Sarah WILL
Steward, William WILL
Stewart, Alexander WILL
Stewart, Sally WILL
Stewart, William WILL
Still, John, WILL
Still, JohnWILL
Stimons, Martin 1790
Stoker, Mathew WILL
Stoker, Matthew 1790
Stokes, Greenberry, WILL
Stone, Jessee 1790
Stone, John WILL
Stoot, Abdul 1790
Stotsworth, Tom 1790
Street, John WILL
Stringer, John 1790
Stringer, John WILL
Strom, Mary WILL
Strother, William WILL
Stuart, John 1790
Stuart, Rebecca WILL
Stuart, WilliamFF19
Stuart, Wm. 1790
Sturzenegger, Elizabeth WILL
Sturzenegger, Jon. Esqr. 1790
Sturzennegger, John WILL
Suckey (free Negroe) 1790
Sullivan, John WILL
Sullivan, Patt 1790
Sullivan, Pressly WILL
Sullivan, Sarah 1790
Sullivant, John 1790
Sullivant, Mary 1790
Sulliven, George 1790
Sulting, Ben 1790
Summerlin, Ann 1790
Summers, James WILL
Summers, Joseph WILL
Sumner, Mr.FF21
Suris, John 1790
Sutlin, Charles 1790
Swearingen, Van WILL
Swearingen, Van WILL
Swearingen, Van WILL
Swearinggam, Thos. 1790
Swearinggen, Rice 1790
Swearingham, Fed 1790
Swearingham, John 1790
Swearingm. Capt. Van 1790
Swearnggen, Van 1790
Swilling, George 1790
Swillivant, Mary WILL













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